Could zinc have the fault

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    Hi to everyone this is like an introduction to me and i'ts been 6 years since this downward spiral begun
    but I'm not ranting I just wanna know if I'm not crazy about what happenned to me so if somebody
    could give me some insight it would be great.

    So I used to be a normal guy with a little overweight that just wanted to loose a little more weight and
    after researching a while I found out that zinc was the solution and I began taking it. And at the beggining
    it was cool. I event felt more confident. But then after some time was like my whole personality started
    to change and I begun to feel a lot of anxiety also I became very aggressive with people around me.
    A lot of relationships were broken and i spend 3 years feeling like that. Until I stopped taking zinc
    cause I didn't have money at that time to spend on supplementation but rather on other more
    relevant stuff related to my career.

    I noticed I felt a little better but still not my best, nor who I used to be so that's when I started taking
    Testosterone just to experiment and I felt good a few days then again like my miserable self but
    at least I could control that upping my shot schedule and my dose.

    Few days ago I was worried about Aromatization and didn't wanted to look that bloated so
    I though that instead of taking an AI I could just go and take zinc. Cause I couldn't hurt huh?
    Wrong, it made me feel miserable again.

    Researching againg I found out that copper could lower zinc levels so I began taking it.
    I felt fine whitin second. But, my hair started to shed a little so again worried about it I
    took a little zinc just to balance it a little but again zinc brought up the worst oof me

    I became socially awkward during this years I los my GF, my friends and all i got is just
    my familly I workout regularly but I haven't been able to loose those last pounds. It's very frustating
    cause I also developed hipoglicemia wich seems to fade away when I take copper. But copper
    is not the ultimate solution cause it has it's problems and it is that I become vey outgoing but
    I can't seem to be able to talk in a coherent way since is like I feel outgoing but at the same time
    nervous. Im hopping that I could find a solution to this maybe it was excess zinc but I'm not sure cause
    all I could find about the subject is about defiency of this mineral but nothing about what happened to me.
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    Hi Pistol

    Welcome to the board. I don't know anything about the effect of metals on the body,
    but you might find some info in the "Supplement News" section. See the dark blue
    line at the top of the page. You could also sign up for the free news letter.

    The rules of the board are also at the top of the page. See the light blue line.

    Good luck with your research project.

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    Hi, Pistol,

    Welcome to our website. Minerals and other supplements can have an effect on us and those of us with these illnesses seem to be especially sensitive to these side effects. My doc told me that, if I were to supplement with zine on an ongoing basis, it could deplete the trace mineral, copper. I recently had problems with a magnesium supplement and, sure enough, I found it can cause problems with the central nervous system. I had to switch to a different supplement.

    As Rock said, good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie