couldn'[t perform a basic math averaging function this morning

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TerryS, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. TerryS

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    It's very humbling as I have always been strong with mathemathics. Took me almost an hour to figure out what my son's GPA will be if he fails his college French class.

    I feel like my brain is turning to MUSH!!!

  2. vickiw

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    Math has never been my strong point, but I was always an excellent speller. This morning I was trying to type out
    "Florida" and finally had to cheat and look it up, because it wouldn't come to me. Florada didn't look right somehow.

    This is the kind of day mindless TV is made for but I'm stuck at work with no brain. I keep having to take breaks because I can't concentrate.

    I used to have a sharp brain and "buns of steel." Now, brain and body are both doughy blobs.
  3. TerryS

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    I know what you mean about the buns/brain!!! I am an excellent speller, as well. It's funny how sometimes words don't look right, don't sound right, or just disappear from my head all together!

    My sister had a brain aneursym burst back in 2002. She had a stroke and we didn't even know if she would make it. She spent months in rehab. The funny thing was, her social and life skills were like a two or three-year-old at the time, but she could still perform calculus functions!!!

  4. vickiw

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    Wow, my younger sister had a stroke too, in 2004. Her's was caused by a clot that slipped through a hole in her heart and then went to her brain. It wasn't too bad, as strokes go, but it was very scary.

    Her mental symptoms from the stroke were very close to mine from CFS. She couldn't concentrate. She would get in her car, start driving and then not remember where she was supposed to be going (I'm rarely able to drive anymore). She would read things over and over without comprehension. etc. etc.

    Her symptoms have improved a lot over the last couple of years. Mine haven't, but the severity varies, depending on the day I'm having.
  5. TerryS

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    She is now, I'd say, 95% of her pre-stroke state in mental capacity. She is still paralyzed in the right arm.

    In the beginning, you had to repeat everything you said to her over and over. She kept asking the same questions every few seconds...BUT her long-term memory was fabulous!

    It's been 4-1/2 years now. She is still progressing. It was a looong road, though!

    She also was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 and had to undergo a mastectomy and chemo!!! She's quite the character and always laughing!!! GREAT ATTITUDE for someone who is disabled and poor. Her husband is seriouly mentally ill and works part time as a janitor for Home Depot. They struggle each month just to eat and make the payment on their very modest home.

  6. mrdad

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    Hope you are doing well this Morning! Very foggy here is
    S.F. this morning but hope it and my head will "clearup"
    by noon.

    Just wanted to suggest that you look at there
    in Atlanta for lots of info. on CFS and FM. Your reference
    to Mono in your recent Past was of interest to me as I had
    it years and years ago but never really fealt fully recov-
    ered from it. Possibility in my case I'm having a latent reaction or reactivation on some level.(??)

    I'm glad "we found you"!!

  7. TerryS

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    I've seen some of your posts - you are on interesting character!!!

    By the way, check out my new pic on my'll love it!

    I must be in San Fran, too, 'cause things are pretty foggy here this morning (at least in my head!!!). Just a normal state of mind these days.

    Seriously, I've been battling fatigue since the CMV in 2002. But this past year has been rough. Sleeping sometimes 12 hours a day, having to pull my van over and lie down 'cause I couldn't keep going, etc.

    As far as this most recent EXTREME bout, I'm seriously thinking that it's the Epstein Barr virus reactivated in a BIG way...I wonder how long it can go on and if that's what's been going on for the past year, just more extreme right now. Positive is greater than 120. I'm at 3500 right now. Some of the gals on this board told me that the levels can go up and down, and that when they are particularly ill they numbers will be way up. Interesting...

    Have you ever had an Epstein Barr panel done since recovering from the mono???

  8. mrdad

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    Terry, were are playing Post Tag but it's "funner" than
    most things. I placed a response to your question on Val-
    cyte on your other Post if you haven't seen it yet!!

    P.S. Don't send me any more OT money until I check with
    my Accountant and see if another larger donation is going
    to put me into a higher "TAX Bracket". OK?

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    Last night I ventured onto the message board here and I could not spell, I could not type right. I also couldn't read the posts and remember what it was about.

    Also: after 9 p. m. I called my sister in Florida and started stuttering.

    I apologized and she said 'I understand. This is not the first time I have seen and heard you go through this.'

    i understand brains to mush.