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    My daughter had a deer tick attached to her head a few years ago, and I was with it enough to save the tick in a baggie. I took it down to the Placer County health dept (in CA) where they did testing on it. They called me and also sent me a letter telling me that the tick tested negative for Lyme disease. I then forgot all about it.

    Now I'm wondering if that was enough? Is that accurate? I never took my daughter to the doctor or had her tested. Does anyone have any experience with this and if that's an accurate test? I'm very concerned. My daughter seems fine, but I worry.

    I would love any input anyone has! We definitely live in deer tick country. Thank you!

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    I'm curious to know too. My son also had a tick on him a few years ago, the morning after playing PaintBall in a wooded area in a neighboring county. I, too, put the tick in a baggie and sent it with my neighbor who works as Public Health Nurse for the County.

    Couple weeks later, got the same letter as you, that it tested negative for Lyme. They also stated that the Tick had not fed, which it appeared to me that it had. I've always questioned the accuracy myself.

    My son did have an episode of numbness in that arm several months later, and had him checked out by his pediatrician.

    Fast forward about 3 or 4 years, and he is having depression for the first time in his life. I am wondering if these events are related.
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    I'm sorry your son has depression and also had a tick. They are awful creatures. Like you, I worry. I wonder if I should have checked my daughter's head more for the rash or had her tested or taken her to the doctor for antiobiotics. I'm mad at myself that I didn't. I knew so little at the time and I'm at least proud of myself for saving the tick for testing! I kept it in the baggie for several days though and called the County later. They were concerned it would be too dried out to test, but apparently they could. I just wonder if it was accurate.

    At the time I did a lot of research online and read that all ticks carry lyme, but only the small deer ticks can pass it on. It is also only the females, and that's because they need the extra blood to procreate and so attach themselves until they are completely engorged. It's only then when they release which makes them regurgitate back into whoever they are attached to. After reading that, I looked at it as the "glass half full", thinking that meant there was only a 50% chance it would pass on lyme. Then the clinic said "no lyme", so I thought that we were in the clear. I sure hope that was truly the case.

    I would really like to know how valid that testing was. Have you had your son tested? If I can find an LLMD in our area, I may test my whole family. We have TONS of deer ticks where we live. We've cleared a lot of our property and don't have deer passing through, but we also have a very black lab who goes outside and lives in. I'm always worried he'll bring one in the house.

    I hope neither your son nor my daughter has it.

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