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    Last friday morning my alarm clock went off. I reached up to turn it off and felt severe pain through my body.
    I laid back down for a few minutes to see if it would let up.
    Well, it didn't. I laid there from 5:45 until 11:00. My drive came and went. I couldn't even get out of bed to call and let him know i wasn't going to work.
    I was in soo much pain i was litterly paralyzed.
    By 11:00 i was able to get out of bed long enough to take pain killers then i laid back down. By 5:00 i was able to move around more but was a mess all weekend.
    Has anyone experienced a situation like this?
    It scared me!
    the only good thing was, my dear sweet new little puppy must have known something was wrong with mom. She laid by my side the entire time. Normally she'd be jumping all over me wanting to get out of bed.
    My next question is has anyone ever dreamed about their fibro?
    I don't often dream but not long ago i dreamed that i had painful welts all over my body. There were thousands of them, with sores on them. I couldn't move from the pain.
    When i woke up, my whole body was is agony.
    Was the pain causing me to dream????

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    I certainly think it could be your fibro. This happens to me if and only if during the night, the barametric pressure rises suddenly or falls suddenly and starts me off in a flare.

    I can't say I have had any dreams about the fibro. I always dream I am healthy! I would think though that if you are in alot of pain and it is about to wake you up then you could certainly have a dream that incorporates the pain. P
  3. Doober

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    mind and body are very interesting and hard to figure out sometimes.

    It is possible that during the course of your dream you tensed up the body so tight that you are feeling the affects of it.

    Also, I hope you did not severely pinch a nerver when you moved your body to shut off the alarm clock?
  4. bikrgrl

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    i could have pinched a nerve???