Couple of ???'s after switching to sea salt

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jadibeler, Aug 7, 2003.

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    Is there any herxing involved in switching to sea salt? My husband and I recently switched and both of us experienced, almost immediately, coughing up phlegm, lots of it. It didn't last long with him and now he says he can breathe much better (he has damage from smoke inhalation as a fireman years ago). However, I'm a heavy smoker and it's still going on. I missed it at first because I cough up post nasal drip constantly but then I realized it was coming from deep in my chest. Just wondering if the sea salt is cleansing my lungs. Also drinking lots of water, whereas before I drank none.

    Also, I have found 4 sea salts: 1 with nothing added but not many minerals listed. The others don't list minerals. One is Iodized, it and the uniodized same brand also contain calcium silicate, the 4th one contains magnesium oxide. Calcium and magnesium sound OK but are they? What about the iodized?

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    Table salt is refined, bleached, and cooked. Your body recognizes it as a toxin, not a nutrient. Sea salt contains many trace minerals our bodies need like calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, sulphur, copper, iron, and zinc. These are all removed from table salt by the refining process. So you are probably having a detox reaction from switching to sea salt and getting rid of the toxin we call table salt from your body. Also calcium silicate is used as an anti-caking agent and the magnesium oxide is just an added source of magnesium. I hope you and your husband feel better.
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    Wild you brought this up. Since drinking more water all week. I noticed coughing up of phlem also. Its more watery, saltier tasting too.

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    I never would have thought about the water for the lungs. I guess that's the reason for the increased diahrrea (more often and more liquid) as well. That's a problem I have anyway, but this is over the top. We've been drinking the water and using the sea salt for 2 weeks now.

    And yes, now that you mention it, the thinner phlegm does taste salty. I hadn't noticed that.

    Thanks for your input.