Couples who are both ill with CFS & Fibro

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    I know there have to be others out there like my husband and myself. It is such a struggle that my husband and I are both soo sick. I'm a pretty positive person but I can get discouraged really quickly when we can't afford utilities or our house is a huge mess like it is now. My husband suffered a brain injury in a fall in Sept 2009. Though he had symptoms of Fibro before the fall, they became much worse after the brain injury. His fatigue and pain is so bad he can only work part time. I'm the primary care taker of our Autistic son and truthfully, I'm too sick to work. We are trying to take care of our 3 grown chidren who all have serious medical and mental health issues and live with us.
    I'm grateful that we are a great team and very happily married, but it's just so hard that we are both struggling to get out of bed and take care of our family. It's pretty lonely too. I'm hoping to just get in touch with others who are in our situation. Thanks for listening.
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    I have asked about that in the past. I could really use one person who helps us access services that are available to all of us. No one seems to know of any case manager who can help the whole family. My Autistic son has a case manager, but she is just his CM. If someone knows about that kind of service in Pennsylvania, please let me know. Thanks.
  3. Your husbands injury is some big or what or any internal clotting?Hope so both of you get well soon.