court case finally settled---what now?

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    I need help. I'm afraid. After 4 years next month, a law suit finally settled where I was injured in a vehicle accident. Among a closed head injury I have had a lot of really funky things happen which I have posted about here before. Some still think it is M.S. but several docs say it is for sure fibromyalgia. However, attorneys view fibromyalgia as and I quote, "a diagnosis when you can't find anything else wrong," as it was told to me. What I have is real; I am not a liar or a fraud as one accused me of being and I was not trying to get rich, but just get bills paid from the past four years and to be taken care of in the future. Now I won't be taken care of. Everything will be out of my pocket because of some jack---'s dumb mistake. He has no regret. What am I supposed to do? I work now, but I do not know for how long because I have to push with all I have most of the time to get through and by Thursday making it on Friday is uncertain and having fun for the weekends? Not a chance--too tired and in toomuch pain making up from the past week and repairing for the next one. Now I'm looking also at carpal tunnel surgery for elbows and hands in the not too distant future. That was not even considered either--after all I am a fraud. I have a cracjk squad of attorneys, but he did also. I am on meds--but we all know there is no cure, just enough beiong done to keep our heads barely above water. What will I do if I can't pay for my meds and therapy? Rent? Student loans? What will I do? The settlement will not take care of me. Just enough to pay past bills and attorneys it looks like. I trust in God but know He provides other ways. Please, tell me if you have an answer or suggestion.
    Thank you
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    I would get another attorney or at least some substantial proof of your injuries, future medical, lost wages, etc. Attorneys will tell you what they want you to hear. Insurance companies know darned well that Fibromyalgia is real by now.

    Good luck.