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    Hello everyone

    My 24 year old sister was involved in a car accident two years ago. As a result of this she has developed fibromyalgia. The driver admitted liability. Her case will be heard in court next week. (in Ireland)

    Has anyone been through this experience before? If so how long did the court hearing go on for? have you any tips fo her. She was offered 50 thousand euros which she refused to accept. Did she make the right decision. What compensation should she be expecting/fighting for.

    All your comments much appreciated

    Thank you in advance

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    I am going through a similar situation. I already had fibromyalgia but was in a car accident Feb 2002 and have not been able to go back to work. I worked at the same job for 26 years. The accident put my fibromyalgia over the edge. I was approved for my long term disability. I have a lawyer who is litigating against the insurance company of the man who hit me. I have no idea how much to expect in the law suit either. You said your sister was offered 50 thousand euros. What is that in Canadian $$. I would be interested in hearing how she makes out and I wish her luck. Sorry I cant be of help as I am in the same situation. I hope she gets some peace with this.