Cow's Milk NOT Great for Baby Calves

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    This page exposes the health dangers of consuming cow's milk which was
    designed for baby cows and not human beings. Many health problems are
    clearly ...

    Now if the above does NOT open, copy/paste and look at many negatives of cow's milk.

    I hear so much from many with allergies, cow's milk is the one of the worst "foods" to keep allergies alive and strong. And to keep the dairy industry alive and strong, and keep human beings in poor health.

    A short story, I had a great friend who is now gone, I learned a LOT of wisdom from her when she was my friend, BUT I also learned how horrible the mucos and allergy issues were for her and she forever consumed cow's milk to the end of her life....I could NOT convince her to stop. The MUCOUS issue with her was absolutely sickening when I think back to the years of knowing her and seeing and going thru her spitting/blowing nose etc with the horrific MUCOUS.

    Cow's milk is wonderful and necessary for bably CALVES, but for we HUMANS, no way.....

    We have a LOT of "smart" people here but not smart when it comes to consuming dairy....Wake up and STOP it....I have NOT purchased cow's milk in years and bring only Coconut Milk Creamer into my house and Coconut Milk for when I make my smoothie drinks.

    I had a lifetime of allergy/sinus issues prior to 1995 and pycnogenol/grape seed extract which I no longer deal with....and I know about the nasty cow's milk habit......Get well with best choices. We don't need that milk moustach...what a dairy industry scam..... jam
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    I consider myself smart and I see nothing wrong with drinking cow's milk. :) You don't know for sure that your friend's mucous problem had anything to do with milk - it could just as easily been something else that was causing it.
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    no TL, i know it was cow's don't think there is enough info out there on the negatives of cow's milk for humans...the dairy industry does a great job of snowing humans.... I don't think dog owners give their dogs milk, do they? Something to think about anyway.

    This friend who is gone, also was paranoid about salt and every time she would pass out and went to ER, she was almost depleted of potassium....we need salts for body funtion, but NOT the bleached table salts, good quality sea salts...
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    I just read the whole article by Dye and it even says "cow milk contributes to chronic fatigue".....then at the bottom of the article is a tab to return to Health Page, which I just did and it's from a Biblical Heath group....

    Coconut Milk, Oil on the other hand helps with fatigue as this milk helps our thyroid. And more.

    Good info regardless of what one wants to think....Dairy, Wheat, Soy are the major allegrens...any nutritionist will tell us that.
  5. You could not catch me drinking that as long as they keep adding more and more antibiotics to what cows eat!
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    And how about all the HORMONES add to the cows penned up as they are in these huge dairy corporations....the cattle are not grazing on healthy grasses, but penned up and drugged.....

    If one needs to drink cows milk, then the only way to be fairly safe is organic, free range.

    Just realized all the baby calves get all the antibiotics/hormones from the mom cows....Drink Organic folks...
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    Jamin, cow's milk is hormone FREE in Canada.
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    Seriously?? You can't compare a dog's diet to a human's diet. Dogs are carnivores; humans are omnivores. We have completely different diets, or at least we do here in Canada. Maybe your part of the world is different. :eek:
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    Dogs and all animals are LIVING beings and after weaned from their mothers, don't feed on MILK. True some people have fed their kitties milk and maybe it's because the momma cats wouldn't nurse them or were not there for them.

    I'm glad Canada has a LOT better control than the U.S. on the hormones.... We sure don't have a lot of control down here trying to deal with 300million plus population, vs the 30million plus up there are lot more manageable....think about that one...I can, lot easier to manage less than more in my mind. I'd love to have HALF the population we now have in the U.S. We are very imperfect down there BUT fight everywhere in the world which truly angers me a about insanity. I digress as I'm so angry about the recent killing spree. jam

    BTW: Do Canadian cows get antiobiotics?
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    So to get this straight Jam.. Are You saying little ones.. like about a year old.. Not to drink whole milk.. but.. drink Organic milk?
    My grandaughter turned a yr old in February.. and my son brings her over just about every wednesday.. and the past month or so.. He brings milk.. whole milk.. in a container.. I asked him if it was whole milk and he said yes.. but.. I don't remember him saying if it was organic or regular.. I know they used to get organic but not sure if they changed or not but .. will find out..
    I know my grandaughter constantly has a runny nose.. plus shes teething so that doesn't help..
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    Personally, I would give any baby or child or adult, organic. My grandkids 17 and 14 still drink milk, but my daughter buys them only organic. Thank goodness she is able to do this and I am so happy to see her working to keep her kids as healthy as she can. I drink only organic coconut milk and if I really wanted cows milk I know I would buy orgranic only.....but cow's milk is not what I want to drink. jam

    And on the organic note, given a choice, I would choose all organic in all my foods....I do my best on that and often find organic foods the same price as pesticide laden foods....I buy only orgranic romaine lettuc and it normally is about 50-1.00 more than the "other" so for me, it's worth every penny....I spend my money TODAY on good clean foods and supps...

    There is so much peoople don't need and buy so much "junk".
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