CPAP therapy has it helped?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sevenup, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. sevenup

    sevenup New Member

    I have been undergoing a sleep study and the last session was with a CPAP. I was told I need to see an ear, nose, and throat specialist before a CPAP will be prescribed. I do not want to have surgury if that is what is recommended, so I am thinking about insisting the dr. go ahead and get the machine for me.

    My question is to those who have used CPAP. Has it helped alot or have there been more cons than pros? Will you share your experience concerning CPAP? Thanks, sevenup
  2. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    I had to see a ear,nose throat specialist too, I think thats just to make sure there isnt anything wrong that requires surgery.

    So far I'm finding it hard to adjust to the CPAP machine, but its getting easier each night.

    I have been on a UK site and the people there have all benefitted from the cpap - more energy, losing weight.

    If you are having a lot of apnea episodes per hour then you really have no choice but to use the machine because sleep apnea is very dangerous.

    Good luck.

  3. lorna99

    lorna99 New Member

    Have had machine for a year and I've got a bad case so turned up almost high as will go.

    Stopped me from waking up ever morning with a headache.

    I had to get full mask but stuck with it and after while just becomes habit.

    Don't be afraid of it - it is good for your health.
  4. sevenup

    sevenup New Member

    Thank you for your nice replies. It helps alot. I think I have a serious case of sleep apnea. My husband told me I stopped breathing twice while he was getting ready for work. I am so exhausted by six a.m. that I usually don't even wake while he is getting dressed each morning.

    I wish my dr. had discussed in detail the results of the sleep test. After the initial one at home the dr's office called and had me put on oxygen that very night.

    I know I don't breath deeply enough even while awake. I find myself having to take a deeper breath every once in a while. See! I was sitting here holding my breath as I typed! I guess it is one way of dealing with pain.

    Thanks again for replies. sevenup
  5. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I have slept with a CPAP and oxygen for a long time now.

    I love the effect and benefit it has on me, but I do sometimes get tired of fighting with the long hose and mask.

    However, I have no choice. My obstructive sleep apnea was causing me to go into congestive heart failure. So I MUST SLEEP WITH IT!!

    I am confused on "lorna99's" comment on she turned her's up as high as it will go. My machine can only be programmed by the health care facility where I got it from--they purposely did not instruct me on how to re-set the settings so that I could not do that. Knowing how my apnea causes my heart failure, I, personally, would NEVER re-set mine without a doctor's orders!

    Also, some machines have a water container--on a warming unit, too. Mine does. These are great because they are the humidifers that keep your nose and throat from getting too dry. These humidifers also have a dial on the front of them. This dial is normally set by the doctor's instructions, too.

    The guy who brought up my equipment and set it up told me some INCORRECT INFORMATION. He said that if the moisture was not warm enough, just turn that water dial up and it would heat up the water warmer. WRONG!!! SO WRONG!!! When this dial is turned up, it does not have anything to do with the water temperature, it increases the amount of water which you breathe in which will get MORE WATER INTO YOUR LUNGS AND ***CAUSE*** CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE in many people (like me!!!).

    So, moral of the story is, I guess, I would not reset any of the dials or other settings on a CPAP unless instructed by my personal doctor.

    Hope you get used to your CPAP--hang in there with it, and you will find it beneficial!!! LOL

  6. painandagony

    painandagony New Member

    I sleep better with my cpap. i don't wake up to anything now, my husband getting up for work, playing music, etc. I used to wake up to anything. I don't mind the mask, i got used to it pretty quick. I don't know any cons to using it, to be honest.
    Good luck.
  7. TXFMmom

    TXFMmom New Member

    Some people have anatomy which is correctable with the laser surgery. For those people, they can be given the choice of the surgery or the CPAP, if the CPAP can correct it.


    Ask how many they have done of them, if they have had complications among their patients, and WHERE AND WHEN THEY LEARNED TO DO IT.

    Don't be someone's first twenty or so cases.

    It will hurt, I mean hurt. Make sure they give you adequate pain meds, and take frequent, little sips of fluids with slight chil, and keep the room well humidified.

    I use the CPAP, because as my doctor so sweetly says, I AM FAT. I HAD NEVER NOTICED IT. I developed it as I gained weight, and would not have to use the CPAP, if I lost enough weight.


    To get adjusted to it, turn it on and watch TV or read in it. I mean it. That will distract you and assist in getting used to it.

    I took several days to really feel comfortable, but now, it is my best buddy.
  8. Jeanette62

    Jeanette62 New Member

    I started using the CPAP machine in Nov 05. I adjusted to it fairly easily and have a full nose/mouth mask. I still have problems with fatigue, but it's not as severe as it was in Nov. The fatigue has many contributing factors and the sleep apnea was only one of them. The pulmonary doctor seemed kind of disappointed when it didn't "cure" the morning fatigue. I still wake frequently throughout the night from the fibro pain.

    One thing it has helped with is the GERD. I've been off the Nexium for a few months now and seem to be doing well without it.

    Even though it's hard to see immediate results, I know in the long run it's necessary to prevent future medical problems. It does feel good not to wake up with that startled feeling from the apneas when I stopped breathing before. I still go through periods where I wake up with headaches, but that comes from my neck problem. It's hard when there are so many other things going on with my body.

  9. Musica

    Musica New Member

    I know the serious health risks that untreated apnea can cause. I have had a CPAP since last June and it bugs me before going to sleep, but I don't wake up like I used to. I switched from a nose mask to nasal pillows. I like the pillows better, and it is so much easier and quicker to take off. However, both have bugged me as far as the feeling on my face.

    Since I didn't have the classic symptoms of sleep apnea, I can't say I feel better, but it scares me knowing how much increased risk of heart failure there is in having apnea, so I struggle on. BTW, I am not overweight, it surprised both the sleep doc and rheumy to find I had a severe case because I do not have the typical build.

    I did not have to see an ENT before getting a CPAP. Judging by the number of patients the sleep center has, boy, what a business ENT's would do if they saw every sleep apnea patient!

    Also, since I have had a lot more aching and fatigue the past several months, it is hard for me to say the CPAP helps me feel better. However, again, knowing the physical effects is good enough for me to keep on struggling to use it.
  10. orchids4u

    orchids4u New Member

    Hi Sevenup,

    I've had my CPAP machine for almost a year now and I really love it. I cannot even take a nap now without it. I also had a sleep study done and was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea. My Doctor wrote the prescription right away, but due to Insurance Company delays, it took me a month to finally get my CPAP machine. I can finally breathe while sleeping. It takes some adjustments, but when you get used to it, it will feel like a part of you. It's also important to keep your CPAP mask clean so that it will fit better and prevent leaks. Since we all have oil on our skin, it's really important to remove all of that before and after wearing your mask. Be sure to use warm, mild soapy water to wash your mask in every week. I use a baby wipe to remove all the facial oils from it every day. Also, please be sure to keep it away from any pets and to keep it free of dust.

    I also replace my mask every 3 months with a new mask, headgear and tubing. I hope you have a good Insurance Company, because that's really important too. Hope that this has helped you. God Bless and sleep well!


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