Cpap users please help me

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by beans, Nov 25, 2002.

  1. beans

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    I am having trouble finding a comfortable Cpap mask for my small face.

    The one I was using was the Phanton mask and I did't like the head gear so I fashioned my own velcro trap that worked but the mask was always too big for my face.

    Well its too old to use now and so I am falling back on another I had and it leaves blisters between my eyes it has a cushion thing that rest between eyes.

    I am looking and searching for on like the phanton that has more than one size fits all or another type that has very little head gear.

    Any Ideas?
  2. inpain3

    inpain3 New Member

    try using a child size mask..i have an infant one..but it is tiny..for newborns...and a child size one for the kids now..ages 16 months and 3 yrs...both have to use it..
    you should find them at your local pharmacy or ask your pulmonary doc to get you one..they are tinier and dont go all the way up over the nose..kind of flatter up cheek to cheek i well..
    good luck!

  3. DebbieP123

    DebbieP123 New Member

    Hi Beans,
    Check in your area for a medical supply that carries respiratory equipment. They carry every size and brand you may need.
    Good luck, Debbie.
  4. bluebirdk

    bluebirdk New Member

    They also have gel pads that cushion the areas that are bothering you. I have the same problem, Also your mask is to tight. for the bruised area buy some TEA TREE OIL, it stinks,but it helps the area to heal and it also is good for many other things. it is an anlegesic, and an antiseptic used for paper cuts and for childrems little scrapes and bug bites.also ask for a mask that is not to (deep). sleep tight.I don't know where you are USA-CANADA etc. MEDIGAS is in Canada. You might look for something similiar
  5. noelishere

    noelishere New Member

    Have you tried the nose pillows, that is all I could use.
  6. meche413

    meche413 New Member

    hi beans

    let me tell you what my husband uses. it's called
    BREEZE SLEEP GEAR. it is made by a company claled PURITAN-
    BENNETT. the model number is Y-101400-01. that is the
    head gear and then you need to pick out the size of the
    nasal "pillows" which are just like little soft inserts.
    they come in small medium and large. nothing will touch
    your face except in the nasal area. my husband loves it.
    hope this info has helped. good luck
  7. frrdtravelagent

    frrdtravelagent New Member

    I was having a lot of trouble using my cpap mask due to the discomfort it was causing due to fibromyalgia and the mask biting into my face. There is a gel mask out now that I've been using for a few months and I no longer have that problem. It comes in 2 or 3 different sizes.