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    Hi cph,

    How are you doing? Did you enjoy the NJ Conference? How was Dr. Cheney's talk? What about Dr. Levine's?

    I saw Levine on 11/10, as of Fri, 11/18 she did not have all the results of my blood work back- so don't be surprised if yours are not ready on Tuesday either. She is sending me for some other tests also, she's calling me back Monday w/ the "code" to put on the scripts for my tests, so I can finally get them scheduled.

    What did you think of her? Obviously I guess you liked her, since you went for an appt LOL! I did fell a little rushed~but, then I forgot my medical records at home, I was sooo out of it, (I realized later I had taken xanax instead of provigil OMG!)She did get on the phone with me, when I called the office regarding the "code" thing, so- I am looking forward to working with her in the future.

    You mentioned wanting a Hudson County Support Group, but there already is a Bergen Cty Support Group in existance. I went to a meeting there for the first time last month, it was really nice :) The next meeting is Sunday November 20 from 2-4 PM- I'm going to try to be there. You can find it by going to njcfsa.org Then click on support groups, find the Bergen County group, they meet at the Pascack Valley Hospital. Everyone there was very nice. Each month they have a speaker,time for Q & A, then time just to mingle. It is a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon :)

    Let me know if you think you might go to the Bergen County Group & what's happening w/ you & Dr. L.

    Gentle Hugs,
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    I did like her alot but yeah, she took blood told me to take 3 additional vitimins that I am not on now and told me she would call on Friday and yes, my bloodwork was not ready either told me Tuesday. I was dissappointed but that's Quest for ya. I was really annoyed cause Rite Aide had BOGO on Natures Made this week. I got a raincheck. I'm very confused over prices on vitamins. I like N. Made cause if you get 500 points they send U a $7.00 cpn. with the BOGO it really helps.
    I hurt my back the other day so I've been on Lidocaine patches still lack desire. Getting everyone's elses things done but mine. Go figure. Type A personality with caregiver to boot baddddd combination.

    What tests are U going for and where will U be going?

    As for the conference I loved it but it was a very long day I wrote somethings on the "New Jersey Doctors" post.

    Bergan County is a bit far I would like to have one closer here in Hudson Co.

    Well gotta run for now. I might as well do some cooking as long as I'm not going out to some wild party LOL
    Have a great nite and Sunday