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    I had a muscle emzyme test and my cpk came back 4.0 and they said 0.0 to 3.3 was normal. The only information I can find on the internet is that a normal cpk is 109. There must two ways to measure cpk. Does anyone know if 4.0 is very high? Of course this is Friday so I have to wait the whole weekend to talk to my doctor. Any help will be great in getting me thou the weekend. Barbarann
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    Hi.. Im not sure what it is but.. it sounds like the blood test that was done on me in January. The ER doc said that my blood work come back strange.. I went in for chest pain and he said my heart was ok but the blood work didnt match up to what was going on. he said the blood work showed up with alot of muscle deteriation and alot of muscle inflammation. He put it down as chest wall pain when I said that I had fms /mps and cfs..
    Maybe if you call the Lab where you had the blood work done they could tell you? I thought of that myself on my blood work and ask.. Seems like they could explain something on it.. again. Good Luck.. Hugs.. Deb