crackling in ear......what is this?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Cinlou, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Cinlou

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    Has or does anyone get the crackling in the ear, and crunching in the neck?? I get this quite often. It makes my ear, head and neck ache. I feel chilled, but may only have a 99.4 temp...I get these pimples or blisters in both my ears. It is awful....I feel pain over my eye also. I have thought it may be ear infections, but when I go to PCP he says no. Maybe sinus, he says no.....

    I had this over 10 years ago, the crackling ear...I went to a ENT back then and found nothing there....weird....I swear there is something wrong.

    I have psoriasis and one of the Rhuemies I went to thought I had psoriatic arthritis, I got a second opinion...she did not believe I had it. I really think this ear thing has something to do with FM and the psoriasis...any thoughts?

  2. BlackPanther

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    Dear Cindy, I used to get the crackling in neck. Chiropractor said it was scar tissue, and so I try to keep my neck "loose" as possible, doing sideways stretches. As far as the ear noise. I sometimes get what sounds like shots in my head. I get a sound, but i don't feel the sound is from my ears, more like my brain. I know, it's weird. I just live with it. So many other things wrong that no point in mentioning them. Since I haven't had any health ins. since Feb. 04 when I had to stop working because of being too ill to continue working, I am not "doctoring" currently. But I believe that the less meds i'm on the better i feel. I do take Wellbutrin and Zoloft, and Osteo-bi-flex for severe osteoarthritis, an occasional benedryl for allergy, and 2 Xtra Tylenol before bed. I want to get back on the vitamins, but they bother my stomach. I have no idea what the "shots" are, but usually only hear them when laying down. Cat
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    I know exactly what you are describing. I have the crackling in both ears. My neck crunches too. I can keep that at a minimum if I do neck stretches. I also bet these pimples in the do they hurt. I have always had ear infections until I started having adjustments with a chiropactor. I just live with the crackling ears tho.