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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by j9miller, May 23, 2003.

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    I am so excited ... I got my unit today at the pain clinic. It is called a RS-4i Stimulator. It is a TENS unit BUT also a interferential & muscle stimulator. It has many levels. I start with 10-15 minutes of the TENS and then 30 minutes of muscle massage. I can choose the level of intensity and deep tissue strength. I use 2 plus times a day. I am looking forward to finding out if this will release the tight neck and shoulder muscles and get relief for my back/leg pain. I will let you all know.

    Janine :)
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    bump please :)
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    Janine -

    I've heard about this "interferential muscle stim". Apparently it works in a different way and much better than just "straight" Tens Unit treatment (trans electrical nerve stimulation). I rec'd this treatment at a chiropractor's office about 5 years ago. I remember the effects of it lasting 1-2 days. Someone told me that there is also a small home unit.

    When I get a job and get back on medical coverage, I think I'll look into this.

    It is so very good that you are getting some initial good results.

    Hugs ............ Jillian
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    I have the home unit. It is larger than a TENS. About 4x6 and weighs 1.5 pounds. It has four leads with each having a positive and negative patch (8 total)that last a month. So far so good. Not great but good. I get to use it for 3 months for less than $40. These units go for over $2000. If I like it the company will try to get my insurance to buy it and then I will have a $50 co-pay. We will see. I am willing to try most anything once.

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    Janine! I'm glad to hear you got a unit. I have just the TENS unit, but the one you have sure sounds like it would do a better job, although I think my unit helps alot.

    Keep us posted as to how much relief you get & for how long at a time.

    Take care........Kathi