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    Hi jody~~Glad you read my delayed response. It was nice to hear from you.

    Yes, I still work as a therapist--going on 30 years now. However, the degenerative disc disease, other back problems, arthritis (especially the rheumatoid), FM/CFS, and asthma have progressed so much that I now have trouble working 3 days in a row. As the only therapist in the Program, my job is very demanding, and I have to cram 5 days work into three plus all the paperwork that has to get done. This year I've noticed that after two days of work, I am exhausted, in pain, and my hands swell up, get red, feverishly hot, and look like puff pastries. That 3rd day is a killer for me, and sometimes I have to ask if I can work Tuesday & Wednesday, rest & recoup Thursday, and work Friday just to get my 3 days in for the week and a full paycheck.

    I've missed alot of work this year which puts a hardship on the program, staff, and clients--and does not set well with the Program Director. I always wonder when the shoe is going to drop, and I'll lose my job. And, I'm my sole financial support. I get behind on paperwork because of the RA in my hands, and often my hands swell up and hurt so badly that I can't grip the ink pen to do the massive amounts of writing. We have no secretary, so I can't dictate my notes. I missed work today. I had a miserable night, and this morning had severe back pain, joints were swollen, lots of brain fog, and what energy I had went down the drain with the shower. It is getting harder & harder to keep working, but I have no choice for I have to earn a living.

    Have you been to see Maddog? If so, it must be nice going to see someone who understands what you're talking about and who listens. None of my doctors & specialists acknowledge the FM/CFS--I'm treated primarily for the DDD, RA, and severe asthma--stuff they can see on MRI's and x-rays.

    Yes, I drive the two hours across the Mountains to Kalispell to do my major shopping about once a month and to get a taste of civilization.

    If you're ever in this area, I'd be thrilled to show you this Magnificent Country.

    Take care of yourself, and I hope you are having Good Days and enjoy a Wonderful Summer! Blessings, Carol....
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    Shalom, Shirl