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  1. walt2

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    I am 55 years old, male and have had CFS for 12 years or more and getting really fedup with it now. Things started to go down hill about 2 years ago with really bad pains in my neck and all over the top half of me. Now I am getting CRAMP big time. It is not just in my legs, it is in my hands, back, legs, infact anywhere where the sun does not shine. It is really hurting these days, infact I had it this morning where it woke me up and I have it both legs, one at the top of my leg and the other at the bottom of the other leg. I felt so sick after and was sweating for quite a time ofter and walking is painful in those musules.
    Any idea on what to do as when I go to the doctors, all he says is 'that it is just the CFS and there is not alot I can do about it'. I am getting very desprate now, so I will try anything.
  2. tonakay

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    I don't have CFS but this will bump you back up for some replies. I have leg cramps alot and try to drink more water when they happen.

    By the way I hope your birthday was a good one!
  3. walt2

    walt2 New Member

    Thanks very much, yer it was OK, but as you get this old it is just a matter of routine.
    mybe I will try this.
  4. GwenGlo

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    I take extra magnesium when I experience the cramps you have.

    I get them in my (right) foot when I am driving and often need to stop and walk around. It feels like the bones in my foot will break.

    I also get them in my hands/fingers depending what I am doing (like washing dishes). My hands will twist right out of shape.

    I take 500mg magnesium daily and when I get cramps I will take an extra one that day and I get relief.

    I use chelated magnesium (amino acid chelate).


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