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  1. emah

    emah Member

    Ok, if I posted this before I apologize for doing it again but I think I posted on the incorrect board. I have a question and couldn't find an answer after some searching. But the last couple of weeks I have been experiencing cramping in my feet, legs, hand, and arm. I recently went thru a serious of spinal shots. So my question are cramps a symptom of fibro?
  2. sascha

    sascha Member

    i get cramps, too. other poster suggested magnesium, and that's what i'm taking now. a nutritional counselor recommended magnesium when i mentioned muscle cramps. Sascha *i seem to be remembering B-complex also helpful-- could check online for corroboration -
  3. emah

    emah Member

    Thank you for your responses. I see my rheumatologist latler this week. I will see what he has to say.

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