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    For those of you that answered to Mikie's post on Head Injuries - I had a blow to the head 10 years ago, and I still have the scar just above between my eyes.

    After reading Mikie's post, it gave me an intuition to make an appt with a cranial osteopath. I just came back from seeing her now.

    She explained that healthy people's bones move ever so slightly that only an expert can feel, so she felt my skull and upper back. It turns out my bones did not move! She said that my head injury could well be a cause of my M.E. I really recommend seeing an osteopath yourself if you are curious!!

    Also, to those of you who have ever had orthodnotic treatment to your teeth - due to what the treatment does to your jaw, it squashes it back which then squashes some tiny important bones in your skull which are needed. Seriously, I would check it out if you're in this position.

    I am going to go to the osteopath for about 3-4 weeks now as advised, where she can work on making the bones move, which in turn she said, will increase my health and wellbeing!!!

    Hope this was something of interest to you, let me know what you think.

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    Thanks for telling us about this. Please do let us know how this treatment works for you.

    Love, Mikie
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    sorry wanted to bump this up!!
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    LOL sorry I just want to know, does anyone here who has M.E./cfs had orthodontic treatment in the past?
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    Hello Missymiss,
    I had several treatment of cranial osteopathy for my CFS and FM of 12 years and I got no benefits from it at all. Actually I felt a little worse from the treatments.

    I have had orthodontic work when I was a teenager. I wore brace for almost three years.

    Love, Jasmine