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  1. leokat

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    The one symptom of FMC cfs I find it hardest to cope with is when I 'crash'. By this I mean that sometimes when I seriously overdo it my symptoms - pain, fatigue, brain fog etc - keep on getting worse even though I am resting/have taken my pain meds.

    I was wondering do others experience this and does anyone have tips for how to cope or things to aleviate the symptoms?

  2. Mikie

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    There are articles about this in our library. The most difficult thing for people with CFIDS to do is to learn to pace ourselves. We crash and get behind on everything and then try to catch up when we feel better only to crash again.

    The rule of thumb is to do only 1/3 of what you feel like doing when you are doing well. Learn to let go of your standards and let things slide or delegate them.

    This is difficult, but it means a more even energy level over time. In the end, this is more efficient and isn't as hard on our systems.

    Love, Mikie
  3. kadywill

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    this was one of the reasons I started thinking I had FMS. I just can't seem to pace myself well on my good days and I REALLY pay for it. I can go without sleep for three or four nights and then crash sleep for over 24 hours without meds!
  4. leokat

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    I guess you're all right, I must learn to do less rather than more. And yes it will be good for me to realise that I'm not in control of this thing (not easy cos I guess I'm a bit of a control freak).

    I still find the crashing thing scary though. Logic kind of says that when you overdo it then rest things ought to start getting better. When they don't and even get worse I kind of get to thinking I'm never going to get out of this.

    I'll go look up the other stuff on the site thanks Mikie.