CRAWL out of my SKIN, anyone else?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lone-wolf, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. lone-wolf

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    Anyone else feel like me. I get so aggitated, irritable.... anxious, smallest stress seems like a mountain, want to scream... if it would help... like I just can't handle life. God forbid somthing adverse should happen, like I broke my coffe pot this morning, then it is hard not to just have a 'snowball' day, if you know what I mean.

    Somedays take a Xanax to help take the edge off. It helps some. Been diagnosed with anxiety disorders for years, but I am beginging to wonder if there is another physical reason. Is it the FM or something else?

    Here's a laugh, talking about being easily irritated and I got booted off line, this is my second attempt at this posting!

    Any feedback would be appreciated,
    Thanks, Karen

  2. tlc8858

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    Yes, been there. I am on Effexor. I can't handle it otherwis, but I still have days when I just want to scream, it seems like the littlest things set me off. I also take Ativan when I get over anxious. Are you taking any antidepressants? they really do help.
  3. searchin4me

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    sounds very similar to my bouts during my hypomanic phases of bipolar disorder. I am not suggesting that you should assume that because I say this that you are bipolar. However, I went quite a long time undiagnosed and miserable, because most people, including some doctors think that the manic/hypomanic phase of bipolar is a "happy" thing where there is excessive spending, sex, no sleep, etc. This is simply not the case. It can also be exactly as you described. I have several good web sites bookmarked with information if you are interested. Feel free to e-mail me at

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    I am one for supper mood bounds of overly exaggerated irritation. I am sure that it is FMS related. It is hard to think through pain on a daily basis and life's little hassles or events make me far more irritated than a normally would be. And yes this can snowball. I swear to God some of the things I say to people in my head should never be repeated out loud! And I also get road rage- athough not supper nutty road rage like you hear about- but I certainly get ticked when someone does somthing stupid. And I am USUALLY a mellow, easy going and reserved person. Just little things just get under my skin these days. I think, given all the pain I tolerate, I have a right to be moody. If I were on narcotics all the time I am sure I would be quite 'happy' and pain free.