crawling under skin

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by careyb31, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. careyb31

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    Today I have a new symptom. There is a spot near my ankle that feels as if something is crawling under it. It itches and feels strange. There is also a numb spot under a toe on this same leg. Any ideas?
  2. sleepyinlalaland

    sleepyinlalaland New Member

    but I'll join you in your wonderment.

    I have the same sensation on my mid-back near shoulder-blade. When it first started about 8 years ago (oh my), I would feel a twingy crawly sensation in that spot and was POSITIVE some big insect was caught between my skin and clothing! Nope, just a spazzy sensation that has been with me since. I'm aware of it every day but it comes and goes during day.

    I also have an area on my ankle that itches EXTREMELY and chronically and has done so for at least 15 years. Prior to the itching, I was aware of "electric-shock" sensations when I dried with towel or applied lotion to them. The "shocks" finally went away (or I am numb), but were immediately replaced with THE ITCH!

    Just more weird stuff, probably all related to mis-firing nerves. sigh.
  3. TheAurynn

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    Now I can tell my husband that I am not crazy because other people actually feel this too! LOL. I often am SURE an insect is crawling on my leg (and sometimes feel as if it's biting or stinging me) only to look and find nothing there. I too believe this is related to fibro and nerve misfirings. I also have spots on my legs that I do not feel at all when my rheumy does the pin prick test. She says it's from nerves being compressed in my spine.

  4. Rose_Red

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    There actually is a diagnosis name for it. I just can't think of it at the moment.

    Can you just imagine a fms/cfs convention and we're all walking around scratching our invisible bugs? I couldn't help it - the image popped into my head and i had to chuckle.

  5. rileyearl

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    You might look up Restless Leg Syndrome and see if that fits. I don't know about the numbness, but the crawlies, yes. I can't sleep without taking Mirapex because of RLS. Pretty weird alright! Take care!

  6. badluck

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    This just started on my right foot last night. This morning, it was both feet. Man, it just feels disgusting. I did a google search and it seems to be conected to perimenopause (called formication-with an M not N-lol). So I'm guessing it is hormonal since I'm in my mid 30s and not ready for menopause yet!! Hope this goes away for all of us.
  7. That is one question that the rheum asked me if I had sensations like bugs crawling on me! YIKES! I said I don't and hope I never do! But yes I have had that, and its a creepy feeling.
  8. scarflady

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    Talk about timing......Just yesterday and again this morning while still in bed, I felt there was something under my right nostril above my lip. I brush my face in that area and nothing was there. It was very light almost like a feathery wiggling feeling and really weird! This morning I pressed very had in that are and then it quit.
    Noz in England was doing research in this area. Anyone know how to reach her???? She was discussing microscopic worms.....yuck!!! I had hoped she saw my other message regarding this same problem.

  9. joisey

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    i have crawling under my skin in the neck/shoulder area. it started a few mths ago and it's there mostly all day and is VERY annoying!i have no idea how to get rid of this.
  10. careyb31

    careyb31 New Member

    For some reason I think it is a misfiring in the nerves. It's a weird, yucky feeling.
  11. moxiepup

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    Hi when I was first dx with FMS I was getting terrible almost electric like shocks mostly in my legs, it felt like I was getting electrocuted. I got them other places but the main one was my legs.

    Then I started with the creepy crawly itches everywhere, mostly my head, my Dr put me on Neurontin, it worked almost immed., I couldn't believe it.

    She had me start at a low dose of 300mg at bed, I now take 1200mg at bed, I can't take this during the day it makes me to wiggy. Every visit she asks me if I need to up the Neurontin but so far I'm holding steady with this dose.

    It's nice to know though that with this med you can slowly go up if you need to.

    good luck,