Crazy Doctor!!! Very worried, Help

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  1. chopindog

    chopindog New Member

    This is actually about my mom's crazy doctor. If you have read my profile or do you will see that my mom almost died a few years ago at the age of 47.

    Even before that my mom had psych problems, bi-polar with sometimes irrational psychotic thinking. Since she went on the ventilator and had 2 strokes, anoxic brain injury a heart attack, and had to re-learn to walk and talk and read again. She has horrible arthritis because of the deconditioning from being on the vent, and being on high steroid levels. She has had more problems with horrible deppresion, she cries all the time. She also just recently lost her sister, I moved away my brother moved away and my sister moved away. Also her dog died. She has alot of trouble dealing with my illness, and has a problem with turning it from my illness to hers, she is always afraid I am going to die, so she cries alot about that. No matter how many times I tell her I am not going to die. (not now atleast.)I am at this time trying to work on getting her moved out her where she will have more support, and people to look out for her well being. Because she does have permanant brain damage.

    Anyway, just a little history. Now first let me say that her PCP is the same doctor who ignored my moms symptoms and let her go into septic shock 2 and a half years ago.

    Well my mom went to the doctor today and he decided to have her stop taking all of the following meds immediatly without any weening at all.
    2.Lamictil (antiseizure, antipsych)
    4.Seroquil (antipsych)


    He has replaced these meds with,
    1. Haldol twice a day
    2. Vicodin three times a day
    3. Prednisone (to help with her pain?)

    Is it just me or does this sound absolutely crazy? Let me also add that the psych meds were perscribed to her by a top neuropsychologist in denver when she was in the rehabilitation hospital after the vent and strokes. Also vicodin has always made her very sick, doesn't work for her, and increases her manic symptoms. Also on the pain meds she was on before she was still in so much pain that she sometimes can't even get out of her bed.

    I am so mad!!!!!!!! And I feel so helpless because I am all the way in Utah and can not get the doctors to call me back. I am so afraid of what this is going to do to her!

    Does all of this seem warented to you guys? Have any of you ever been stopped taking so many major meds at once and made it through okay? Any suggestions?
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  2. laura81655

    laura81655 New Member

    I can't believe any Doctor would do this!!!!! You can't stop most of those Cold Turkey ! Haldol is a Major tranquilizer. Is there any way you can get a second opinion, or a NEW doctor????

    I am so sorry for what you are going through.

  3. your post......especially that he put your mother, who has a history of psych probs, bi-polar, and irrational psychotic thinking, ON PREDNISONE!!!!!!! after yanking her off all those medications, and only basically putting her on Haldol!!!!!!


    I understand your concern, and anger, and anguish, frustration, tears, anything else you feel right now!!!! I am soooo sorry!

    I would be calling someone other than that doctors office, to be getting something done. I would go wayyy over his head. He's not going to call you back, even if he does, he's not who I would even want to talk to. I doubt it would do ANY good. Not when he just carelessly took your mother off all those meds like that. He is obviously a total and complete moron, letting her go off all of them, at one time, cold turkey, and replacing them with what he did. Unbelievable.

    I'm so so so sorry.

    (((((Hugs to you.))))) I hope that you can get something done for your mom very quickly,


  4. Countrymom

    Countrymom New Member

    Yes He is definately crazy or just plain mean.

    I am so sorry you are going through this. You will get through and so will your mom. Thank God that she has you. You are a wonderful daughter.

    Get her to a new doc as soon as possible.

    Has she ever been tested for lyme disease? Her symptoms sound consistent with neuro-lyme. Just a thought.

    Good luck Joy and let us know how it goes

  5. Musica

    Musica New Member

    I would never let a PCP withdraw me from meds that a top psych had prescribed! Does she still see the psych or at least consult with him? Can you or she call him and see what he says, if he'll talk to the PCP?

    Perhaps if you google for the meds. Talking to a pharmacist would be great, as they know much more than the docs and have computer programs at their disposal. I wonder if a local pharmacist would hesitate to back up anything s/he says with a doctor, though, in case they have to deal with each other at a later date. Does your mother have the drug information sheets? Check and see if they say "do not stop this drug suddenly".

    That's really crazy! I can't believe he would do a total change in meds like that, without making a gradual shift! How much prednisone is she on? If she is on it for more than a week, do NOT let him stop that one without weaning -it could be life threatening, since the adrenal gland stops working when it senses the synthetic in the body. It needs to have time to start working again, hence the need to wean off pred. Anyway, I hope you seek some other answers. I'm glad your mom has you to look out for her!
  6. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    Is there anyone around to be with your mother right now? You might consider calling her doctor because she may get sick with this shock to her system.

    Have you ever looked into "assisted living" facilities. Your mom would probably do well being in one for a while where someone could monitor her and be around.

    She has been through so much already. Can you go there and pack her up and bring her to your house - perhaps get a new doctor. Also, try to keep her on her current meds until you can find a new doctor.

    She definitely needs a new doctor. I had a hard time finding a good doctor for my mom but eventually did.

    Also, I would call your mom and tell her not to change her meds like that for now. Hopefully she has enough until she can see a new doctor. This is terrible and I am very sorry for you and her.

    Good luck
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  7. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    so i think you have the knowledge of what is right for your mom or others...

    predinisone for what? i was on that evil drug two times both times didnt waranted the usuage...second opinion please...

    that stuff made me bitchy of course i had a docotor that told me i had lymphoma and well i didn't...i had to battle my insurance company to allow me to go get a secon opinion...i can't beleive i made it to work every day plus i was so anemeic hemo 8.0...

    anyways second opinion...she needs a psychaitrist to prescribe he psych meds...

    best wishes

  8. matthewson

    matthewson New Member

    I did a search for tardive dyskenesia (sp) because I had what looked to me like a brief episode of this in the ER last month when given phenergan and low and behold it is listed as a drug that can cause this! OH MY GOSH!! They told me it was an allergic reaction! I am lucky it only lasted a few minutes! I will never take this drug again!

    Also, as a heads up, there are other meds listed such as anti-nausea drugs, anti-psychotics and also migraine meds. Everyone should check this out!

    Thanks again. Sally
  9. Dee50

    Dee50 New Member

    You poor girl! New doctor and fast. I'll send up prayers for you and your mom. Life is tough enough but this would send me over the edge if it were my mom :-(
  10. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    although used extensively years ago has given most people tardiff dyskenesia and this is exactly what she could not stand with her arthritis. There are newer meds for her-why a neuroleptic for bi polar? Lithium would be first drug of choice, second Trileptal(antseizure med that works well with mental illness too). To take her off meds without slow weaning seems also out of the dark ages. I would get a second opinion for sure. Trileptol works well for the following, seizures, bi polar, some schizophrenia, autism.

    Love Anne
  11. chopindog

    chopindog New Member

    Thankyou all for your replies! I have spent my day on the phone with my moms psychiatrist, and her GP (who took her off the meds). The psychiatrist does not agree with the med change and told my moms GP this. He says he still wants to give it a try. He got his head out of his but for long enough to realise that he atleast needs to ween her off the zoloft, which she has been taking at 150mg for over three years. so atleast that is a little safer.

    When I called the doctor he acted as if I had hurt his feelings, he said "listen I care about your mom and I am just trying to make her feel better, I did research the change and it should be safe. She comes in here everytime crying and crying saying nothing is working, so I was just trying to find something that will help her." I explained to him that I don't think he is getting the point. First of all she has gone through a lot of tragic painfull things in the recent past, secondly she had strokes, right brained left side affected. This type of stroke is famouse for leaving residual mood lability and crying problems. But most importantly what she is trying to tell these doctors is that her pain is unbarable and becoming worse and worse. She needs proper pain management, she can barely get out of bed she is in so much pain!" He said "thats why I sent her to her pain doctor." My moms pain they think is from severe arthritis especialy in her hips and pelvis, she also has scoliosis, and I am pretty darn sure fibro. When she was on the vent for the two months she was on very high doses of steroids (solumedrol, cortisol.) These cause bone and muscle degeneration. Also going from being unable to move, to being able to walk and everything again has caused major pain issues, but she has tuffed this all out, but now her pain is becoming unrelenting and unbearable.

    Now this is another part of the story that myself and my poor mom have been dealing with for months. She goes to this clinic for pain, the main DR. basically only does all the steroid injections etc, of which she has had 5 in the last 5 months with only one being any bit helpfull. Then he has a nurse practitioner who evaluates her pain and prescribes the pain meds. THIS LADY IS IN THE WRONG AREA OF MEDICINE!!!!!! I have gone through hell with her. She started my mom on a 25mcg fent patch at the very begining and has never given her anything else since. My mom goes to her crying in excrutiating pain and she refuses to up the patch or give meds for breakthrough pain or anything.Then a few months ago she started her on gabatril to help her pain. Well my mom started hallucinating that there where fleas and bugs all over her house, in her food , on her dog. She had her poor dog dipped three times and spent houndreds of dollars on flea meds (she gets $500 a month to live on.) When the nurse practitioner put her on the gabitril I was keeping my eye out for any psychoses symtoms, because I knew she does not do well with this class of med. But sadly I am in Utah and I really did think the fleas were real, I didn't put it together. Finally after a month between talking to my aunt and my moms HHC aid I realised what was going on. So I called the md office and tried daily for a week and a half before I finally got a return phone call. But being a RN my self I had already weaned my mom off the gabitril myself anyway. Then my mom goes in to see her and she tries to put my mom back on the gabatril again!! CRAZY, CRAZY CRAZY!!!! This nurse practitioner refuses to talk to me or call me back, trying to use HIPPA to protect her, even though I am my moms representitive and the papers are sighned for me to speak for and with my Mom. What kind of pain management is that? My mom rates her pain at a 9 on the pain scale for months and this lady won't give her anything other that a 25mcg patch. What happened to pts rights to pain control?

    Anyway, so the GP who took her off all the meds basically just thinks she's crazy and isn't paying attention when my mom is saying, " I can't take this pain Its killing me." He thinks she just crying because she is depressed. He thinks that she is on to many meds and that this is the reason for her problems. CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY!!!!

    So here is where we are. My mom has put back on her 25mcg fent patch, she is taking the arthrotec, and her GP finally perscribed her a little bit of percocet( Which is the most effective med she has taken.) If she should start to get psychotic, suicidle, tardive dyskinesea etc. I will work from there. I thank god that I am a RN and I can help with these things. The doctor (GP) is aware that I will change meds as needed if I can't get a hold of him, and we will let him know what we had to do. Her psychiatrist is aware of this and has given me her after hour number to call her if I need advice.

    So I think that we will make it through this, although I believe it will all end up with her being back on all the meds he stoped, and right back where we started. And ofcourse I will end up in a horrible flair, (and I just finally came out of a three week one two days ago.)

    I am working on getting my mom moved out here. It is difficult with doctors, section eight, medicaid etc. Also I am so sick so much of the time I am not much more capable at times than she is! But I do have my Dad who I live with who is helpfull and loves my mom despite that they are divorced. I do have my moms sisters to help too. So we are blessed with our family!

    In the meanwhile I am trying to find other Pain doctors in her area, with little luck. But I will figure something out. Thankyou all for your support, and for your responses. The way all of you responded was the way I responded times ten! So it was good to have so many others backing up my feelings! Since I got this DD I don't always trust my instincts like I used to. So thabks to all of you. I will keep you posted.
    Love, Joy
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