crazy dr thinks exercise will help

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  1. mdempsey

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    I went to my regular dr because of some pain in my knee. Arthritis added on to everything that I already have to deal with. Anyway, she feels that exercise will help with my extreme fatigue. ANyone who has done any reading on fibro and smart drs know that exercise doesn't help people with extreme fatigue. I wanted to scream. Why didn't she just say she didn't have any idea what to do. It' sbad when we are smarter than our drs.
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    Hi M: I know it sounds crazy to tell someone who hurts and is very tired to exercise. I know I can't do it, but I can do very easy stretching type of yoga. It has helped me be able to movemy joints for the past 10 years. If I don't do it, I can't move my neck, hips, much at all. So, it does hurt at first, but I actually feel better when I do it. If you can find a yoga teacher where you live who offers yoga for people with fms, arthritis, etc, that will help alot.
    Like the last person who answered, I would liketo be able to do all she does, but can't either. Each one of us has to try til we find something to help.
    I hope this helped you. you are not alone!
  3. Esperanza25

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    Exercise helps, I went to a pain management class and they taught me how to exercise with a ball, bands and even the wall... exercises are slow moving and I have been exercising now since may of last year and feel pretty crappy when I don't... try it, it might help.
  4. HagerTX

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    It may vary from person to person, but often time it can help. If you are having knee trouble, and/or have any other joint pain, I'd think about getting into a swimming pool.

    A pool may be the best place to get a little exercise without aggravating joints (at least in comparison to walking or even biking or a treadmill).

    Hang in there and I hope you feel better.
  5. Bambi

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    lose your muscle mass which keeps you standing and walking. Water exercise with the Arthritic knee does sound like valid advice, but even moving joints in a full bathtub is better than nothing if you don't have pool
    access. Any exercise should be done by pacing, five to fifteen minutes a couple of times a day or what you can handle..not much to start and work up.

    Those you hear of bedbound are there for a reason if it's FM, they've stopped moving and now it's much too
    painful to do so. They would have to begin with just very mild stretching in bed and work up over a long time.

    If you think about it our bodies were built to move in a variety of ways. These dd's do make it harder but if you don't use something built to move at least a little bit in the way it was designed it will freeze up eventually and degenerate to a pile of useless whatever it's made of, with us it's flesh. Please at least consider the advice on this because we've, most of us, tried it the other way first and it does not work!
  6. NyroFan

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    Oddly enough, my doctor says the same thing and I do have CFS along with FM. He wanted me to buy a low-impact cardiac DVD and use it 3-5 times weekly.

    I bought one and find it just makes me more tired, but
    I have less anxiety and it chases the blues away.

    I know what you mean, though.

  7. kimfibro

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    i always feel better after stretching. and lots better after walking for about half an hour straight.

    and also true is that finding what works for one may not work for the next.

    i say if your knee is the dilemma at this point then a pool would be great. then you could rent or buy dvds on yoga, stretching, deep breathing, etc. and skip anything involving the knee/s until you can add that onto a routine.

    i'm not faithful enough with my walking. the stretching part comes when i start a flare and just HAVE TO DO IT. i mean for half an hour and longer....

    we all need to keep searching and exploring! :)
  8. Chermione

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    For any person, in good health and in bad, we all require exercise to some degree. Some can do more than others. But the key to good health is perspiring a few times a week. Even if it doesn't take you much to get to that point. You can't get perspiration from a bottle, only within oneself.
  9. bunnyfluff

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    It was the best thing I ever did for this DD.

    Hope you will give it a try!
  10. suexi

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    I know what you mean. Many Many docs have told me the same thing. They don't know what the *&^& they are talking about. I was exercising about 3 years ago. It did help with stamina some but I crashed alot so had to stop. If it is M.E. exercise does not help. I read that somewhere.
    Doctors don't want to look like dumbasses, so they are not going to tell you that they don't have any idea. They only learn the basics; not many want to go out of there way and read about illnesses such as cfs. It's becoming more known but still many think we could be mental cases.
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  11. kiyoka

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    I have also found the exercising does help a lot. I hope it helps you too
  12. 1sweetie

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    because I too have a severe case of CFS along with FM. FM is bad but there is pain medication, heat & ice, pain patches, bath soaks,massages, acupuncture, and exercise. To my knowledge there is nothing to do for the fatigue except rest in a horizontal position and vitamins & minerals.

    Although I agree with the other post of the consequences of no exercise, I understand the inability to do so and understand your horror of doing something that can put you in bed for weeks. I'm not so sure they understand the fatigue that can be caused by just taking a bath.There have been times that if one of my immediate family members passed away, I could not have gotten up, dress and to stand for over 5 minutes. It is such a terrible, helpless feeling.

    My CFS specialist understands and warns against exercise. He believes in getting in a pool but to just let your body float and take pressure off of your body. In my case that has not been available until recently. I have tried to create that effect in my garden tub. But after I recover from my recent tooth abscess/extraction, I am going to try. My doctors do not allow me to drive now so it makes it difficult to find transportation. He believes in 1 min of exercise each day and build from that. I get that and more whether I feel like it or not by taking care of and spending time with my lab. In fact because of the energy he requires from me, I may have to find him a new home and that will be one more thing this DD has taken from me.

    The deal with my CFS is that it will take me days to recover from an outing. I wish that things were different but for the moment they are not.

    I hope you feel better and there is one here that understands. We just have to go slow and steady.
  13. springrose22

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    I read your bio and you say that you have FM and CFS. For FM, especially if you take analgesics, you can certainly exercise regularly. However, with CFS you need to be VERY CAREFUL NOT to exercise too much as it can definitely make you bedbound for several days afterwards if not longer. Almost everyone who answered above says that exercise makes them feel better. I didn't look, but I would be willing to bet that they have FM not CFS. I have CFS, and can take short walks, and do most things slowly, but I certainly can't EXERCISE, as in regular workouts. If I do, I end up crashing Big Time and end up down for 20 out of 24 hours of the day. Any DR.'s who are really familiar with CFS will always advise their patients to PACE themselves. Your Dr. is not very well informed at all. Most are not. So what's new? Marie
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  14. dragon06

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    the issue is not whether or not exercise will help. Of course some types of exercise will help some people. And it is always good to have some form of exercise in your plan if you can even it is just walk a few feet up the sidewalk and back.

    I think where it becomes an issue for people is when doctors want to use exercise as the ONLY treatment for this dd.

    If you have a proper treatment regiment with pain pills then of course it will be easier to exercise.

    If you aren't receiving any other form of pain relief then yes I agree that it is impossible to exercise at all.

    I think what people need is balance. A treatment that works for them and some exercise to keep them active. All in proportion.
  15. mdempsey

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    I appreciate all of your advise. I should have mentioned along with fibro and cfs that I also have severe knee osteoarthritis and plantar fascia which cause pain in the feet. I teach kindergarten which is pretty exhausting, plus I have 2 children. I am glad that excercise helps some of you, but I think that drs can't group us together and say one thing will help everyone. We all know that fibro and cfs aren't cookie cutter diseases. Everyone reacts differently to different treatments.