crazy few weeks

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AuntTammie, May 14, 2010.

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    Started out by passing out every time I stood up at all for a couple of days; then I went to bed and slept (& this is not an exaggeration) 58 hours, barely managed to get up even after all that, and felt really rotten and in a TON of pain;

    then had my medical records and ID info stolen (am still trying to find out if any damage was done before I put a hold on my credit stuff);

    then I cut my own hair (bc I cannot go anywhere to do so bc of MCS, etc), and yes that was initially an upsetting haircut (too hard to cut it with all my standing issues, shaking, vision issues, etc....wound up very short);

    then today I actually made it to the fitness center to swim (something I can sometimes still do and it usually helps with pain and sleep when I do); anyway, wound up passing out there and spending the next 5 hours in the ER, followed by spending $20 I did not really have on a cab to get back to the center to pick up my car.....still feeling really wobbly and weird, but did not want to stay there (bc of course they didn't really find anything wrong anyway, except a little dehydration, which is nuts in itself bc I am always thirsty and always drinking fluids)....and I am definitely not dehydrated now and still feeling very dizzy, etc, so that was not the cause of the syncope
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    I'm sorry to hear you are having such a bad time. As for the short hair, don't feel bad about that. Short hair is so much easier to take care of when you feel bad. I keep mine short. If it takes more than 2 mins to blow dry my hair its time for a hair cut lol. Just remember when the bad days come that eventually it will swing back around and you will have a better day.
    Take Care,
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    your header made me crack up so thanks for the laugh! : )

    btw, I am so sorry I haven't said anything about your appendectomy.....saw the post on a day I was not feeling up to writing anything, and meant to respond later, but my brain is apparently working worse than ever at the moment and I forgot.....anyway, I hope you begin to recover from that on top of CFS does not sound fun at all

    as to the ginseng, one of the supps I take has some in it, but it may not be enough......however, my stomach has continued to be a big problem (just got some GI doc recommendations for further testing - had some done, but need a specialist now) so anyway, I am reluctant to try anything new or any increases in anything until I get that issue pinned down a bit more.....I will certainly keep the ginseng idea in mind (well written down) so that I can try taking more in the future, though
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    thanks for your reply.....your hair dries really fast! unfortunately mine is actually more difficult to get to lay down when it is short - when it's long I never blow it dry, but it does take less time in the shower, so I guess in that way it is better....and there is less clogging up the drain when it falls out now, so maybe I won't have to use draino every week for awhile
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    Why are you losing your hair so much?