crazy panic attacts

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  1. minkanyrose

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    This is so stupid to me in the last couple of months I have been having these panic attacts.

    I hear from friends that are in town for a couple days visit and I want to see them so bad so we arrange to meet then the time between the call and the visit I literly get sick sweats, stomach cramps, nausea, diareah I just want to scream.

    last month this happened and when I saw the people I just cried so I went home couldn't stop crying. I t happened again last night when friends in from allabama called just talked to them on the phone and I was sick all over again.

    my son called me and told me last night also that his grandparents were coming in for thanksgiving and I dearly love these people but the attack hit me now I don't want to see anyone.

    why is this happening to me. any help appreciated.

  2. SusanEU

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    I ended up that way too.

    It got to the point where I could not even go to my mailbox.

    I finally turned to the medication that I had been afraid of trying (AD). It was a miracle for me. After 2 weeks, I became my old self.

    Talk to your doctor and discuss your options. It is treatable.

    Hugs, Sue in Ontario
  3. boltchik

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    Don't worry, you are not alone. But, you should go to your doctor and see what he/she thinks and see if he can help you get it under control. I sometimes get a panic attack out of the blue. It is usually at night, I have no idea what for. It is very intense and scary. I do take an anti-anxiety med on occasion. It really helps when I cannot seem to calm myself down. Get yourself to the dr. so you can get some peace of mind. Take care, Kim :)