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  1. ourlife

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    I hope you guys dont think i am losing my mind but i have been having these crazy sensations in my hips and stomach. Just out of the blue i feel like my cell phone is vibrating so I jump up to get it and I dont even have it on me. I never carry my cell phone in my pocket it always stays in my purse. It's crazy. has anyone experienced this?
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    i have that too, and there has been posts on the exact same thing your talking feels like electricity humming in your body, i have it down my legs and sometimes in my chest. DOn't know what it is and i have never told my doc. She would probably just look at me like i was nuts.

    I mean how can you explain a symptom like that
  3. Doober

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    If you are losing your mind, Then mine went on vacation somewhere without me..............

    These feelings happen all over my body, One minute they can be in my leg, the next on the bottom of my feet and then in my neck.

    Drives me crazy a lot.

    I did mention this to my primary care DR once and he just blew it off as saying it is just muscle activity. I asked him what they meant as far as the activity and he didn't answer.

    Aggrivates me when he does this, but oh well. Lately Either before or after I fell the vibrations, My legs have been rubbery and shaky, scares me when I walk the stairs.

    The reason I have tried to ask the DR what they meant is I want to know if this is the muscles trying to recover from their use? Does this mean the muscles are wasting away, Is this the muscles spasms in a different way?

    It is just so hard to get answers sometimes, and I keep looking online to see what they mean but have found nothing concrete yet. If I do find something, I will add to this thread.
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  4. 3gs

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    I get this in my tongue and lips too! My doc told me its nerve pain.
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    Thats exactly what I thought it was, was my cell phone... then I realize its not even in my pocket...
    I get them mostly in my legs, but have had them in my stomach alot..... For awhile I was getting it on my lip and my tongue... that went away for now.. but who knows..Im glad to hear I am not the only one who has it though.. Its a weird feeling...