Crazy Test Results - please help

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  1. suzuku

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    I just got my Reports back from my Dr:

    C4a levels were over 33,000! (high - out of range) -from Jewish Memorial
    C3a levels were at 1,300 (high - out of range) - From Jewish Memorial
    MMP-9 levels were within range at 750 (high end of range)
    Leptin levels were 14.5
    MSH levels were over 8 ( >8 ) was the result
    Positive antibodies to Mycoplasma Pneumon.
    IGENX test was 1:40 (meaning indeterminable) -- not positive, but not negative

    Just finished 10 day course for Babesia (mepron + zitho)
    I just went to my ENT who prescribed Augentum 875mg 2x daily. On day 3 of this, started getting swollen glands, sore throat and sever post nasal drip (proving the chronic sinusitus).
    I went in just to make sure I don't have an EBV reactivation or Lupus and ordered the tests for those.

    Any assistance would be great!
    The numbers are scary and suggest bad things... what do you recommend?
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    As your doctor what they mean. What good does it do to get reports if you cannot decipher their meaning. Your doctor is there to explain it all to you? Ask him to explain each one. That's his job!

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  3. munch1958

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    Sorry... I'm not much help with those test results.

    Babesia is a tick born infection. 10 days of Mepron & Zith will not kill it. More like 4 months is needed. Please read this for more info:

    Augmentin is an Abx which will cause a herxheimer reaction for those with Lyme Borreliosis. This sounds like the reason why you would have swollen glands and post nasal drip. To me it sounds like your body is killing something off. A herx feels like the flu.

    I hope you find a nearby LLMD to treat these tick borne infections. Do you have a CFS or FM diagnosis? I did and got 95% better after being treated for tick borne illness. I no longer have fatigue or muscle pain. Good luck -- I hope you can get some help with your lab results.
  4. Nanie46

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    I have to agree that your 10 day course of mepron+zithro is not nearly enough to kill babesia.

    In Dr Burrascano's paper below, on page 24, he recommends at least a 4 month course for chronic babesia infection and at least a 3 week course if the infection is acute.....

    I see you list an indeterminate result for your Lyme titer.......did you have an Igenex western blot??? If so, please list your band results.

    If not, you should have one...unless your Dr is going to treat you for lyme based on your history and symptoms....and we do know that lyme is a clinical diagnosis.

    What kind of Dr are you seeing? He does not sound like an ILADS trained LLMD....sounds more like an IDSA infectious disease Dr.

    You can go to on flash discussion.....sign up for free like you did here.... click on the Seeking a Doctor board and then post a question asking for an LLMD in your state.

    you will recieve a private message with names.

    You can also go to the Medical Questions board there and post any questions....there are alot of very expereinced and intelligent people there. It is a very active board.

    Good luck!

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