Crazy Wednesday! Prayers, Support and Hugs Appreciated :)

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    Hi All,

    I hope everyone is having a feel good day. Today has been a bombardment of emotions. Every have one of those days? Of course we all have. Today, my husband's sister is starting labor almost two months early due to some unexpected complications. Long story! She is fine, but the baby obviously is being born very early. Also, my dad is having some complex GI problems that will likely result in surgery and the removal of a possibly polyp that may be (I don't want to even type it), but it might be the big C. (We all know what that is.) He finds out tomorrow. Hopefully, it would be a simple surgery, but we don't know. SHEW! I'm trying the best I can to be cool, calm and pray for both of these situations that God will take care of my sweet sister-in-law, precious baby girl, and my dear dad.

    Thirdly, this seems minor, but I guess it's really not, and I'm stressed and upset. It's the usual medical theater and medical staff who should be employed in another profession. I just switched to a new internal medicine doctor who came recommended b/c the previous one stopped listening to my concerns. I haven't seen her yet but have an upcoming annual physical. Things are not going smoothly with her nurse.

    She is treating me like a number and believes that for the most part, every person should have the same type of bloodwork--you know, ABC-123. She was on the same page with me for a few tests for vitamin deficiencies, but when I told her I was over 40 and that I have a family history of heart disease and wanted to see about my heart health (plus, most of us here have fatigue, which is the #1 symptom of heart issues---it warrants getting looked at from a heart health perspective as well), she indicated that this was getting to be "too much". It went on and on this way when I told her I had other things I had in my family history. As we know, this is wrong. We are patients who want to be well, and the only way we can know if there is a problem is to test for it. There is no excuse to have to beg for our healthcare and for them to be gatekeepers in this manner.

    Aggravating things, she failed to tell me months ago that I should have come at that time to speak with the doctor to have a meet and greet to talk about these things. Ooops, but she never told me, and of course this was not her fault either. I was very clear about asking her the protocol a long time ago as well, and she robotically indicated today a completely different procedure, which messes things up for me now. IE, she's completely asleep at the wheel and just wanted to go through the motions to end the phone call. I don't like getting stressed about these things or to have argumentative conversations. I like finding win-win solutions and a meeting of the minds, but she would not be conciliatory or helpful in any way. She did not have one drop of empathy or interest in helping me logistically or medically. MADDENING! How do people like this decide to go into the medical profession?

    Thanks so much all for letting me share and vent and for the prayers for my family. I think I'm numb about now. ;) Sending big hugs and support to you all as well!

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    I am so sorry to hear all about your scary and frustrating stories of your family along with your new docs nurse or receoptionist who seems to have little insite or compassion for you.

    Hope all goes well with your SIL and baby. It is very sad when they have to be born early but one grandson was born 2 months early almost 19 years ago and he was just fine. The just gaave her (my daughter) a shot of probably steroids to help with the baby's lung developement. Nowadays I am sure they have even more good things to help the new premature born babies. Hope all goes well. Please do let us know. Hope all goes well with your dad too.

    When are you supposed to go in for you doctor appointment? Maybe you both could communicate better when you see each other in person, unless you have to strangle her first :)!! I do hope not. I do do not like confrontation. It gets me upset and gets my hi b/p in a tizzy.

    Don't feel bad about having to vent. Many times that helps me to feel better just to talk about it, even if may not change anything much.

    Please keep us updated and try not to get to upset. Hope this new doc. turns out better than his nurse.

    Found out our doctor is leaving in May as she cannot make it where she is right now and another doc there went to a membership program which we cannot affort to go along with. So, we asked to get transferred to the young man doctor who was the last to join their group. It is so close now to where we live and hope that the whole things doesn't have to close up. This whole medical system, we have now I am afraid is about to get shattered. I surely hope not. Not that it is perfect now, which it isn't of course.

    Big soft hugs to you and hope all goes well with you and your family ! Hope your new Dr.'s nurse wakes up and gets more personable and helpful to your needs and everyone elses.

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    Erika, of course I'm praying for all of you. As maddening as this nurse/doctor situation is, try to just get through it as best you can for now. You have enough on your plate. I've been through this and know how stressful it is. The medical field is full of people who should have made a different career decision. Some of them are total control freaks and it is us they want to control. Yikes!!!

    Hang in there, Kiddo. Prayers on their way.

    Love, Mikie
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    big but gentle cyber hug fur ya, Erika. Seems like there are an awful
    lot of those disagreeable doctors around. I remember when doctors
    made house calls. A visit was 3 bucks and the Rx could be filled for
    2 bucks. Now we have better medicine, but it's not necessarily
    affordable or available.

    Hope things improve for you and the family.

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    Hi Leah, Granni, Mikie and Rock,

    Hope everyone is having a "feel-good" Thursday so far. I really appreciate your warmth, prayers and encouragement. You all are so helpful. I was trying to wait until I had a better update on my dad before responding. So far, I know he's had a colonscopy today with four polyps removed. I don't know if they are benign or "C" or if he will need surgery. Waiting so long is tough, but at least he is under excellent care.

    In WONDERFUL news, my sister in law (Lynda) had her baby yesterday afternoon and both are doing very well!! The baby weighs a little less than three pounds but is in good health. Woo hoo! Lynda went through a lot to have this baby, and I'm so happy it turned out well for her. Granni, thank you for sharing your story about your grandson. I'm glad he is doing well!

    In "doctor news", I got an interesting development there too, which so far I think is good. I got a call from my doctor's office (there are many doctors in that practice) from a very nice receptionist telling me that the new doctor I was going to see can no longer take me on as a new patient. I asked why and was told there was no explanation (who knows if that's true, but in the end it does't matter).

    Honestly, I feel much better about the whole situation. I just realized that the new doc I was supposed to see is reducing her hours to part time, and I noticed that it was taking a very long time for her nurse to return phone calls, which as we all know can sacrifice patient care. I hadn't even seen this new doc yet, and the frustration level was already too high, and their lack of processes and slipshod way of handling things was making me cuckoo (as y'all know!). She had been recommended by more than one person, but if her nurse is any reflection of her, I'm glad that this didn't work out.

    I stated to the receptionist my medical diagnoses and told her that they are more complex than the average person and would this 2nd new doctor she recommend be up for that? I also told her that I also needed a nurse who was empathetic and responsive. She was very reassuring that who they recommended would be a match for me. So, we'll see! Fingers crossed here.

    Again, thank you all for taking the time to write, listen and care so much. Sending you all much warmth and support as well.

    Feel good everyone,


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    Two out of three things turning out well is good news indeed. Sending up prayers for your Dad. Even when polyps have become cancerous, often, just removing them gets rid of the cancer. They may be benign or precancerous, in which case, all he has to do is keep up with the colonoscopies. I've had precancerous polyps, and benign ones, removed and I have to have the test every three years. Colon cancer grows verrrry slowly. My biological dad died of colon cancer because he didn't take care of himself (and he was a doctor). His brother, my eventual step-dad, died of a heart attack brought on my emphasema due to smoking. Geez, docs are the worst patients in the world. But, I digress...

    Thanks for updating us. Please let us know how your Dad turns out and how you like the new doc. I'm glad you don't have to deal with Nurse Ratchet anymore.\

    Love, Mikie
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    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, prayers and insights. I really think they help. I hope your day is getting off to a good start and that you are feeling well today.

    Reading the description of your biological dad was like reading about my dad also! He too is a doctor and won't take care of himself either! Too goofy. I found out that his medical situation right now is kind of convoluted. He might have some other things besides the polyps to deal with. He now has unexplained internal bleeding, which he and his GI doctor thought would be due to his GI symptoms, but they didn't find any bleeding during the hmmm, what is causing it then? His iron/hemoglobin levels have been VERY low. He's had to have iron drips to raise his levels. So there's this new mystery they have to figure out. He's in good hands now though. They discovered his last GI doc wasn't cutting it and feel very good about this new doctor, which is good.

    So sorry you've had precancerous polyps, and I'm glad you are staying on top of it. Thank goodness like you've said the colonoscopies often help prevent these cancers with early detection. (Wish the prep wasn't so icky, but it does improve all the time. :)) Obviously I need to be extra diligent to keep up with my colonoscopies now also. I just turned 42. I've had 2 or 3 already b/c I have IBS and the docs wanted to rule out other things. However, my last one was 9 years ago, so I'm almost due. (Hey, we have to have things to look forward to, right? ha ha)

    Thanks so much again for your help and encouragement, Mikie. Enjoy your day!

    Love, Erika
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