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  1. crazygranny

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    Leg and Foot pain, has anyone been bothered by pain in back of leg [little higher up than the calve] hurting all the way down into top of my foot? It's hurting so bad,can't hardly walk.My pain meds not helping very much aTt all.Please respond if anyone knows what is causing this.
  2. courtneyrae

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    I think I might know what your talking about. It doesn't feel like FMS pain. It feels like my nerves are just freakin out. I can't really describe it, when I try my doc looks at me like Im crazy. LOL. Once he did suggest nueropathy. I didn't really give it that much thought because he said the only thing that would help it is to take meds and I already take enough. My pain killers never help it when it does happen. You may want to check out one of the medical websites and see if it describes the pain. Good Luck!

  3. trauma_doc

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    Hey Granny I have the same leg and foot pain that u are describing.My doc said that it was a combination of my sciatic nerve and neuropathy and so he dealt w/it by increasing my Lyrica.The Lyrica is for neuropathic pain but it also works well to help cut down on the pain that I already have from my Fibromyalgia and it also can help u sleep.It has helped me a lot.I think that it would be best to talk w/ur doc about the pain and see if he thinks that it is the pain that I have said and ask him about trying Lyrica it might help u in more than one way.Good Luck to u.