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    Anyone used this supplement with any success ie energy, reduced muscle pain. Seems to affect atp(bodies energy) stores just like ribose but in a different way. Just started creatine and have ribose on the way to trial later. Have had alot of post exertional muscle soreness of late, hoping this helps, fingers crossed.
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    after a couple of months - I would be interested. For muscular pain I would estimate I have reduced mine by 90% by just persisting with fish oil (15mg Melrose) everyday for years. Just everynow and then something causes a flare and I'm reduced to rolling around on the floor on my tennis balls - but v.occasionally. Also I have a good massage every 3 weeks or so.
    PS I answered your question on your other post.
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    got your previous post. Since i have had some improvement with antivirals i have been playing tennis again (doubles only) was a tournament player in my younger years. The day after playing tennis i feel like i have just played a game of football (rugby league) as far as aches and pains go. I have been playing for a few months now so deconditioning shouldnt be the cause, although more fitness would be nice.

    From what i have been experiencing it seems like what i have read about mitochondrial issues in cfs and muscle cells not being able to replenish ATP stores, hence why im trying creatine then ribose. Have used fish oil, glucosamine and anti-inflammatories with no success, rest and stretching help as well as lyrica.

    I dont feel fatigued neurologically anymore just these bloody muscle spasm and aches are frustrating me. If i can get past them i would be happy and active like pre cfs.
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    yes have just started on this and have to my surprise found it to be very good. have surprised myself in my recovery and energy.

    a friend of mine who has ms told me about it and said that he had lots of energy.

    i noticed that after a day where i went out for longer than usual that would normally have put me into a lot of pain i was feeling ok afterwards.

    it says don,t take if you have had kidney desease. i haven,t but am making sure i drink lots of fluids anyway to keep my circulating blood volume up.

    i still need to do some research on this so if you turn anything up please post it.

    in fatigued to fantastic dr t says that d-ribose and magnesium work together if my memory serves me correctly so i take the two together.

    though i,ve run a bit short on money so not got any d ribose right now, the creatine seems to be really helping. i,d be really interested to hear if you have success with it

    god bless
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    been a few days now and i think my muscles feel more relaxed, i still have a few knots here and there but not that overall tight feeling especially the traps muscles across the back of the shoulders, even did a workout the other day and had reduced muscle stiffness the next day too. Hopefully will recieve my ribose in the mail soon and will add this to the mix. By the way im taking 5 grams twice a day. Playing tennis in a couple of days and normally am a stiff as a board for several days after so that should be a test of it.
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    heapsreal, you are quite fortunate if you are able to play tennis or active exercise without very bad relapse - hope for your sake you are on the road to recovery. Just as a matter of interest, do you have a high protein diet? I am sure it has helped me. It's something of a pain in the butt at times, but eggy breakfasts and meat and veg dinners, nuts, seeds, some salads, canned salmon, barely ever sweets and low processed carbs all make a difference. Cheers TN
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    yes love my tennis, have been playing again last couple of months, this is where the antiviral famvir has helped, it stops me crashing where i end up in bed for a few days, at the moment i still dont fally recover, every second game tend to strain a back muscle as they are so tight, but im getting there, its never fast enough.

    Yes i do follow a low carb diet, when people ask me what i eat i say meat, cheese and eggs. people ask that must get boring but when you look at what they eat, theres not a lot of variety either, toast coffee for breaky, sandwich for lunch, meat veg mash potatoe for dinner, snacks are sandwiches donuts etc and they it this all the time.

    I say we are not ment to eat friut and vege all the time, we only get to eat it all the time because its all frozen in storage, these foods are seasonal just like god wanted us to eat them, the rest of our diet should be the things running around on the ground, lol

    i find low carb suppresses the apetitte where carbs increase it. I still have weight to loss but this type of diet makes me feel better.