Creating a Master grocerylist for low carb eating can U help?

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    I'd love to have some help with somthing like this. I want to eat/cook better, so I can feel better, but I feel so crappy I don't have the energy to cook.

    I go to the grocery store and don't even know what to buy.
    Does anyone have a master grocerylist they like to share so I can have this on hand? Maybe a good website for low carb receipes with "normal" type meals, not some strange types of foods?

  2. SolitaryDancer

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    I have a site that has recipes for diabetics and they are all low carb. Some of them require using things such as Almond Flour and Flax meal. Items such as this can be found at Netrition is good and I use them all the time.

    My recipes are at

    Just remember that fruits are out except a blueberries and sometimes a few strawberries. Grains are almost all out of the picture. So, breads, cereals, muffins and stuff like that are out. Read the labels. But the main things are protein and fat.

    Safe veggies are asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, and mushroom.

    This is from memory so I'm sure there are some I missed.

    Example of what I had to eat today.

    Breakfast Casserole--This is baked dish that is layered with sausage, mushrooms, cheese and eggs.

    Snack: Hard Boiled Egg

    Cobb Salad with Low carb Blue Cheese Dressing

    Chicken Strips fried with the batter made of egg and then dredged through parmesan and romano cheese. Topped with a tiny bit of marina sauce and then some mozarella. Like Chicken parmesan without the noodles.
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    bumping, I'm sure there are more who are interested!

  4. blessedmom2four

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    i am so picky, you really have to be creative.i basically am doing low-carb but i eat pretty much all fruits. i dont get obsessive about carb counting like when i used to do atkins to lose weight.

    iam trying to change my eating habits for my health
  5. sfrazier

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    You are also allowed to eat beef which means steaks or hamburgers just be careful what you put on them. A few other snacks I have found are pickles and black olives if you like them there is some carbs but they are pretty low. I have also found out that if you compare labels on the salad dressings low fat has more carbs then regular dressing. I'm not sure about the low-carb ones but I'm one of those that if it's only a few more carbs on the low carb ones verses the regular I'll go with the regular one. Also you can now cook with butter. Cheese is a good thing and I also buy jerky and sunflower seeds and beef salami. Your best bet is if you know how many carbs you can have just check lables. The one thing that I have found though as far as vegies is stay away from anything corn. With kids and if I cook I usually cook a meat that I can have and then makes some noodles of some kind for the kids. You just have to have will power when it comes to that. From what I have read the South Beach diet is not too bad. I'm one of those old protien dieters so my carbs are set a little lower then the south beach i think. Anyways good luck and just remember that don't always go by what the scale says but how your cothes are fitting.......SueF
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    I am more concerned at feeling better. We've been living on to much easy make instant like foods. We do have lots of meat. Beef, chicken, and pork in our freezer. I just wish it would make its self into something for me! I hate cooking!
    I just find I end up cooking the same old thing. We aren't much into veggies, and I know this is a big area we need to "clean up our act".
    I have to be careful with my daughter tho, as she has crohns, and her dr said to have lots of fiber. Sometimes it just doesn't make sense. We do eat only 100% whole wheat bread, and try to eat whole wheat or multi grain pasta, except when its KD!
  7. ChristineInPA

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    I am so good at giving advice, LOL. Just wish I could DO it!

    But seriously, the old crock-pot is fantastic for us.

    Throw in some meat and veggies (or fruit) & some spices and turn it on.

    There's a thread on here somewhere about easy recipes that I read about a week ago.

    Just popped into my head:
    black pepper

    onions (buy frozen if you don't want to chop)
    bag baby carrots
    black pepper
    dry gravy mix
    worcester sauce

    can black beans
    onion (optional)
    peppers (optional)

    As you can see, I put garlic in everything. I buy it chopped in a jar and throw at least a couple tablespoons into everything I make.

    Just simple meals, made in crockpot and pretty healthy. Add a bagged salad as a side, or some nuked veggies.

    One of my favorite hobbies was cooking. Now, I don't have the stamina. I miss it, but there's not much I can do.
  8. Adl123

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    I can't add much to what has already been weitten, but one thing that has helped me, is to shop for food only at the outer edges of the store.

    Try to buy only cleaning products and pet food in the aisles. If you never buy prepared food (even cereal), and limit the carbs, I think you will be all right.

  9. Smiffy

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    From Dr St Amand's fibromyalgia treament website, where (there's also a link to recipes on )

    Both these diets work to correct hypoglycemic symptoms. Choose the "Strict" diet to lose weight or the "Liberal" diet to maintain weight. Each hypoglycemic's tolerance for listed foods will vary. Judge your tolerance level by how you feel and adjust your intake of foods accordingly.

    The Strict Diet:
    Choose any foods from the following list

    MEAT and FISH
    All meats except cold cuts that contain sugars or dextrose; All fowl and game; All fish and shellfish.
    Eggs; Any natural cheese (bleu, roquefort, cheddar, cream, gouda, swiss, etc;) Cream (heavy and sour;) Cottage and Ricotta (1/2 cup limit per day;) Butter; Margarine.
    Fresh coconut; Avocado (limit 1/2 per day;) Cantaloupe (limit 1/4 per day;) Strawberries (limit 6-8 per day;) Lime or Lemon juice for flavoring (limit 2 tsp. per day.)
    Asparagus; Bean Sprouts; Broccoli; Brussels sprouts; Cabbage (limit 1 cup per day); Cauliflower; Celery Root (celeriac;) Celery; Chard; Chicory; Chinese cabbage (limit 2 cups per day;) Chives; Cucumber; Daikon (long, white radish;) Eggplant; Endive; Escarole; Fennel Bulb; Greens (Mustard, Beet, Collard etc;) Jicama; Kale; Leeks; Lettuce (any type;) Mushrooms; Okra; Olives; Parsley; Peppers (green, red, yellow, etc;) Pickles (dill, sour, limit one per day;) Pimiento; Radicchio; Radish; Rhubarb; Sauerkraut; Scallions (green onions;) Spinach; Squash (yellow or summer only;) String beans (green or yellow;) Snow peas; Tomatoes (not sauce or paste); Water Chestnuts; Watercress; Zucchini.
    NUTS (limit 12 per day)
    Almond; Brazil; Butternut; Filbert; Hazel; Hickory; Macadamia; Pecan; Pistachio; Sunflower seeds (small handful); Walnut.
    Sugar-free Jell-O with NutraSweet; Custard (made with cream and artificial sweetener.)
    Club soda; Decaffeinated coffee; Decaffeinated tea; Caffeine-free diet sodas.
    All herbs and spices including seeds (fresh or dried); All imitation flavorings; Horseradish; Sugar-free sauces such as Hollandaise, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Ketchup; Sugar-free salad dressings; Oil and Vinegar (all types;) Worcestershire sauce.
    All fats; Caviar; Tofu.
    Alcohol (most hypoglycemics can tolerate one drink after two months on the diet - use discretion as individual tolerance levels vary;) Baked beans; Refried beans; Black-eyed peas (cow peas); Bananas; Lima beans; Potatoes; Corn; Dried fruits & Fruit juices; Barley; Rice; Pasta (all types;) Flour and Corn Tortillas; Tamales; Sweets of any kind; Products which contain Dextrose, Glucose, Hexitol, Lactose, Maltose, Sucrose, Honey, Fructose, Corn Syrup, Food Starch, Caffeine.

    The Liberal Diet:
    You may add the following foods to the strict diet:

    (limit: one piece of fruit every four hours. No fruit juices.)
    Apples; Apricots; Blackberries (1/2 cup limit;) Blueberries (1/2 cup limit;) Boysenberries; Casaba melon (1 wedge limit;) Grapefruit; Honeydew melon (1 wedge limit;) Lemons; Limes; Nectarines; Oranges; Papaya; Peaches; Pears; Plums; Raspberries; Strawberries; Tangerines; Tomato juice; Tomato sauce or paste; V8 Juice.
    Artichokes; Beets; Carrots; Onions; Peas; Pumpkin; Winter squash; Hubbard squash; Turnips; Rutabagas, Spaghetti squash.
    Cashews; Peanuts; Soy Nuts.
    Whole, Non-fat, Low-fat milk and buttermilk, unsweetened yogurt.
    Sugarless diet puddings (1/2 cup a day limit)
    Three slices a day of sugar-free white, whole wheat, sourdough or light rye. No more than two slices at one time.
    Corn tortillas (2 only per day;) Carob powder; Flour (gluten or soy only;) Gravy made with gluten or soy flour only;) Popped popcorn (one cup only;) Sugar-free cereals (puffed rice, shredded wheat, oatmeal etc;) Wheat germ.

    Each hypoglycemic's tolerance for listed foods will vary. Judge your tolerance level by how you feel and adjust your intake of foods accordingly.

    If cholesterol is a problem, avoid cold cuts (except turkey,) cheese, cream, solid margarine, hollandaise sauce, and macadamia nuts. Use egg whites or Egg Beaters instead of whole eggs. Use liquid margarine only. Nuts should be dry roasted only. Trim all visible fat from meats and remove skin from poultry. Use canola or olive oil.

    This information comes from R. Paul St. Amand, M.D. It is not meant to be a medical diagnosis or advice. Please consult your physician before making any changes to your diet or treatment. Prior to commencing any diet R. Paul St. Amand M.D. recommends a basic work-up that includes a thyroid test, and blood count to rule out anemia or infections that mimic fibromyalgia.