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    I am creating a pain journal to document my lack of improvement and what to do about it. So far I have included pain level and decription, sleep quality and quantity, brain Fog symptoms, mood, stressors, medication/herbs and problematic symptoms. What do you think? Need any more catagories? I think this may help emiminate the problem communicating with my doctor.

    Secondly, I am going to get more active with my lack of treatment and I would like to know of the sorts of treatment and tests you think one should definately get when developing a treatment plan. (Example, sleep study?)

    Thank you,
    Myth :)
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    HI Myth,

    I created great pain chart that tracks every thing I'll try to describe it to you.

    First I have the fm woman front and back shot, with seven of them on a page.

    Then down at the bottom I use a chart with this info

    pain in morn (1-10)
    pain in afternoon(1-10)
    pain in evening(1-10)
    how well did you sleep(1-10)
    faitgue level(1-10)
    Nausea (YMN)
    feel depresed (YMN)
    feel happy or irritable (YMN)

    Of course this is in chart form with colums for each day of the week. 1-10 is pain rating YMN is yes mild no.

    Then each fm lady get filled out with various symbols and mark where pain is.

    I had taken hand styled chart that my DR gave me and recreated it.

    If your interested I can email you a copy.

    I also keep track of my medication in chart form as well, but I don't feel like explaining all that right now.

    My email is in my profile so I you want I can send you a copy (and any one eles interested).
    Sorry for any typos it 5 am here
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    I found a wonderful journal at Barnes & Noble online ... it's called the "MemoryMinder: Personal Health Journal." I think it's pretty thorough as far as categories and includes not only physical symptoms but diet, exercise, emotional issues & meds. I'ved used for a while now, and my doctor has also recommended it to his other patients.

    There is also a form for a pain journal online somewhere that you can download ... if I find the link I'll let you know.

    Jan ^v^
  4. Myth

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    I appriciate the help with this project. I am just tired of my doctors not comprehending what i mean by 'pain'. But of course it is rediculous for me to assume they could since pain is a subjective experience. Unfortunately most of the time I am at a loss to explain it to them- I simply cannot find the words. I think this is a solution to that problem.
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    if you can,,, it has every type of chart and sheet available as far as pain and mood journal, sleep, activities, exercise, diet, etc.... it is called,"living well with fibromyalgia" it is from the arthritis foundation. I photocopied all these charts from the book which it recommends to do. and this way you have documentation when you go to the doc. I also made a complete medical history, w/drug history, and rated the med how it worked for me from 1-5(1 being the least 5 the most effective.) when I took this to the pain doc, he knew in 30 seconds what wouldnt and would work for me or what I havent tried yet, document everything, they seem to look at this more than emotional pleas. (it worked for me very well, I am getting excellent pain control, and whatever I need they take care of... I will pray for you, Iggy
    Ps, have them do a PCR test for mycoplasmas.along w/every blood work up that is usual.[This Message was Edited on 08/22/2003]
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    My name is Dolphin i would like u to send me a copy of ur pain journel so i can make one also,i have fibromylagia and iam in a lot of pain so this would help if u dont mind.

    Dolphin 82

    Msn or addy is