Creative Finances?

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    Hi all,
    I am hoping that someone may be able to direct me somewhere that has information re: creative financing. I will be signing up for short term disability benefits and I need to find some ways to get by until that kicks in. Unfortunately due to missing so much work my savings are pretty much shot . I need to find a way to swing the mortgage, car pmt and health and disability insurance. Can I do anything with the equity in my home etc?


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    Hi Cat#####etc!!!

    I'm new here and have been looking for something to help make ends meet for 3 yrs. now, so far nothing.I was unemployed for 3 yrs. finally got disability started in Feb. less than 600.00 a mo. always have to leave out a bill till next month then get the CUT-OFF notices the next month hanging by a thread everyday!!!On Medicare I CAN go to the Dr. now but having a real hard time getting RX's, on about 6 different ones. I used to be the type of person who could get out there and hussle up somehting some type of job , I still have the want to but the body dosen't cooperate.....Guess that's why I'm on Disabilty Huh... Very depressing and aggravating. I do good just doing for myself and my 4 legged angels all 7 of them, ( how do I feed them...they were all throw aways that were rescued or taken in by others, except for 1 kitty I've had a while and my 14 year old dog I just lost last week, sad, ) anyway I provided the home and others are doing Vet. stuff and furnishing the food. If I didn't have these babys (most with special needs) I would have no real reason to get out of bed each day or night depends on when I get to bed with the insomnia!!! I have Fibromyalgia and the long list of other bad thing that go along with it. That's a whole other story.

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    how to get help for financial, medical, etc. I think it was just posted yesterday.

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    "Emergency Services and where to go"

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    Thank you! I was feeling a bit overwhelmed thinking of searching through all the posts.