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    We all have the creative urge within us. Some of us create visual art and some create music; some enjoy sewing, others cooking, woodworking, singing, or poetry.

    When struggling to manage the chronic pain of fibromyalgia, it is all to easy to allow our favorite hobbies to slide into oblivion. Patients may decide that they hurt too much to handle the tools their hobby requires, or that they can’t afford to expend the energy their hobby requires, now that energy management is such a big issue for them.

    But these patients may be looking at the situation the wrong way. As Lynne Matallana writes in The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fibromyalgia:

    “The concept that art and music have healing and life-enhancing capabilities is not a new one. Through the creative process of appreciating or creating your own various forms of art and music, you might be able to improve your ability to deal with pain and stress. By moving your awareness off of the negative things that you are experiencing and onto pleasure and self-expressiveness, you might find that this will help you to cope, heal, and enhance your life.

    “You can use art and music as a way to help you with your fibromyalgia symptoms on your own, or you can work with music or art therapists. Both types of therapists hold Master’s degrees in these fields and work out of clinical settings, community facilities, schools and universities, and private practices. The American music Therapy Association ( feels that the ability to appreciate and respond to music is an inborn quality in human beings. The goal is to create, through whatever form the therapy takes, to facilitate positive changes in behavior and emotional well-being.”

    In this newsletter, you’ll read examples of patients’ creative output, as well as essays about favorite hobbies. It is our hope that they will inspire you to return to hobbies you love—or discover a new one.

    Source: NFA Newsletter

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    is full of creative ideas...I am always looking at all the supplies I have with no energy to start on them. Last year I made one of a kind clothing..painted on them...added patches that I hand painted etc. and sold them on EBay. It was thrilling at first but it sapped my energy quickly and I had no choice but to dtop until? But I do have to say when I am laying here in bed and I hear music I enjoy my pain does not seem as bad. I have met Lynne Matallana when I have volunteered at the Nat'l Fibro Association. She is an inspiration as well as beautiful and sweet.
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    I like my hobbies, too. I hate to get started, but once I do, I get my mind off my pain for awhile!

    I wish I had a mind full of creative ideas like you! I like buying from ebay, but I doubt if I would be able to keep up with a business on it--like your shirts. They sound really unique and I imagine you didn't have any trouble selling them when you did it. I can see where it would have taken a lot of energy. I normally just listen to music when I am driving somewhere in the car, but when I'm on the phone talking for hours, I seem to forget about my pain! I have a telephone headset so I don't have to hold the phone, and I could talk all day I think!!


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