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    I found this article very interesting and helpful for consumers who get health information on the internet.



    If you have access to the Web, you can find information on everything from the latest medical research to facts on particular conditions. So, should you believe everything you read? NO! Read on for tips on how to search for credible health information on the Internet.


    As you make purchases for your home library or search the Internet, keep in mind that not all information is written by qualified medical experts. Your doctor or a health organization may be able to recommend some good books or helpful Internet sites.

    When looking for health information on the Internet, don't believe everything you see. Articles published in peer-reviewed medical journals are checked for accuracy, but anyone can put information on the Internet, so there's no guarantee that the information you find is accurate or up-to-date.

    In addition, many companies set up Web sites primarily to sell their products. It may be helpful to ask a health professional about the information you find on the Internet, particularly before you buy any products. If you search and shop with care, you can add some medically sound reference materials to your home library and find accurate information on the Internet.


    It can be hard to judge the accuracy and credibility of medical information you read in books or magazines, see on television, or find on the Internet. Even people with medical backgrounds sometimes find this task challenging. Following are some important tips to help you decide what information is believable and accurate on the InterneT.


    Compare the information you find on the Internet with other resources. Check two or three articles in the medical literature or medical textbooks to see whether the information or advice is similar.

    Check the author's or organization's credentials. They should be clearly displayed on the Web site. If the credentials are missing, consider this a red flag. Unfortunately, there are many phony doctors and other health professionals making false claims on the Internet.

    Find out if the Web site is maintained by a reputable health organization or reviewed by board certified doctors. Remember that no one regulates information on the Internet. Anyone can set up a home page and claim anything.

    Check for the Web sites Editorial Policy. Web sites that provide health or medical information should have a Medical Editorial Board, and an Editorial Policy (that includes peer review by their doctors).

    Be wary of Web sites advertising and selling products that claim to improve your health. More important, be very careful about giving out credit-card information on the Internet (check to see if they have a secure database such as VeriSign™). Further, even if nothing is being sold on a Web site, ask yourself if the site host has an interest in promoting a particular product or service.

    Ask yourself whether the information or advice seems to contradict what you've learned from your doctor. If so, talk to your doctor to clarify the differences in the information.

    Be cautious when using information found on bulletin boards or during "chat" sessions with others. Testimonials and personal stories are based on one person's experience rather than on objective facts or proven medical research.

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    Where does this anger come from? The message, the poster or perhaps both.

    Where do I say some people are not reputable? That would be very arrogant.

    The article is talking about reputable internet sites and that can include anything from sites about alternative medicine, conventional sites as well as sites selling things such as clothes, vacations. I am trying to be very specific here. Any of these sites should be under the same scrutiny.

    If you found help on the internet, that is great for you, but you missed my point

    I was just giving information. If you find that information offensive, you are reading waaaay to much into it.

    I happened to find the article VERY informative but do not expect that everyone will agree. We can disagree without all the venom.

    Have a great day and I wish you more positive energy in your quest to get better.
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    Thank you. It is understandable that we may be more passionate, when we dredge up the past or are not feeling well.

    I think we all have had to apologize at one time or another. I certainly have had to do that. We are only human.

    You seem to be very insightful.

    I am glad you are doing better. I really am.

    You take care,


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    Thanks for the wonderful article.

  5. gapsych

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    I am saddened that this innoculous post to provide information, has become side tracked.

    I will say it one more time; I am not talking about alternative medicine specifically but all the information on the internet. Kind of like a consumer's guide to the internet.

    The article actually helps people take control of their health.

    Posts that are written in such a defensive harsh tone will not get their point across.

    I do not put too much credence in the posts that are so reactive.

    Have a good day.
  6. gapsych

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    THanks!! Your post was to the point and not negative at all.

    I appreciate that.

    GA[This Message was Edited on 06/23/2008]
  7. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    Somehow I missed all of the wonderful websites you posted. Thanks for the information. You must have put a lot of work into this.

    Thanks, GA
  8. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    Actually, you're right, referring to google as doctor is really a put-down for google. It can go where doctors can't, like treating CFS. I'm finally curing myself now that I've found a real health expert.

    If you really want to know how to treat CFS symptoms, put "natural remedies" in the search line. Then you will bypass all the medical stuff that circumvents simple treatments of nutritional and metabolite deficiencies. Also, doctors can't treat gut dysbiosis properly, which is the direct cause of all our symptoms.

    You should read everything you can, then you will get a feel for who knows what they're talking about. The last thing you want to waste your time with is a site that is reviewed by board certified doctors. The medical profession has already stated they have no cure for CFS so why waste your time? There are doctors who can treat it successfully, you just have to seek them out. And most of them are not regular doctors. I found mine and it's working. My fatigue is lifting and my symptoms are slowly retreating. It's about time! See my post on comprehensive stool analysis for how to beat this.

    Personal experience with CFS treatment is how you will find out what to do. There will never be proven medical research with regard to CFS treatment because they only do research on drugs. And since drugs work mainly by blocking enzyme pathways, you need to avoid most of them to get the liver working again. You fix gut dysbiosis with supplements and diet - again there will never be medical research funding for this because just doing the research will make it an unprofitable venture. And the symptoms of deficiencies caused by the dysbiosis are treated with supplements because that's whay dysbiosis causes: deficiencies.

    This disease is curable but it just takes a complete diet overhaul, lots of pills, and time. And, of course, the money to afford the tests, supplements and health expert. I don't think insurance will cover these working treatments.

    And most of all, if you really want to get well, don't believe everything your doctor tells you because he has only studied drugs, not what makes the body healthy. So far, no medical doctor I've come across has made any correct statements about CFS. And that's what we're talking about here, just CFS. For crisis management, medical doctors are unbeatable. For a chronic disease like CFS, they are completely ignorant but will still suck all your money from you as they waste your time with useless testing.
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    I believe this board is here just like anything else on that is online, you take the opinions and info you find useful and pass by what you don't. No name calling or blasting someone for trying to help, it is childish, but at the same time we have all been passionate at times and the "crime" is forgivable.

    I happen to agree the internet is a wonderful sorce of information for my health issues too. I have found the numerous doctors I have been to are only interested in making money and selling drugs I don't need or want. I like being able to research the meds I am going to take and all the side effects before I spend big bucks on them. The doctors don't always tell you the truth because thier is too much money to be made in keeping you ill, of course they will steer you away from the internet.

    For an example, I have struggle with a bowel issue for years, tried every med available and the doctors have been baffled. My Grandmother ultimatly died when hers burst and my Mom was operated on and continued to suffer for years in a group home until she died of a heart attack. Who knew pro-biotics and eating yogurt was the answer. The doctors sure never told me.

    So both sides are right, only opinions and good info we can share. It may not all be right for everyone, but I appreciate anything people take the time to share. God Bless you, we are in this together.
  10. gapsych

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    THank you, I so agree with you.

    This article is talking about how to be a smart consumer no matter what we choose to search for.

    ANd yes we are all in this together no matter what path we take.

    Take care, GA
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    Yes I have had anger with this DD but who wouldn't?

    What is past is in the past. There is nothing you can do about it except learn from it. You can recognize that there are some very good reasons that we feel anger but to let it take over your life, can wreck havoc with our health.

    A great book is, The Flexibility Factor that deals with these issues and it really helped me with my health. Sorry, I can not remember the author.

    Hope this helps.

    Can we get back to the original topic of this post?


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    I would like to request that only people who are interested in this topic as a tool, respond.

    If you disagree with what I have posted, please post responsibly.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Thank you so much. I thought that I might delete this post and post it again. However there has been a lot of helpful information posted here, even with all the negative posts and I would hate to lose them.

    Again, thanks so much.

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    Thanks for the really good info.

    I have found the net a fabulous resource and I spend quite a bit of time researching health and other issues. I do double, triple, and sometimes quadruple check all info, allopathic and alternative, and look with a critical eye at sources.

    I also understand that much of what I am reading is opinion. I welcome opinion but, ultimately, make my own.

    I am always grateful for advice and guidance that can help me to become a better educated consumer of anything including information.

    Thanks again,

  15. xchocoholic

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    As you requested I deleted my posts so that this can be the thread you were trying for.

    I would hope that you will be as courteous to me when I post a thread on my experiences with the medical profession.

    I'll come back and delete this at some point too.



    PS. thanks for everyone's support here ...
  16. gapsych

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    I was not asking you to delete the post. I was saying that I almost thought about deleting the whole post, MYSELF, because this topic had gotten so sidetracked. However, I thought there was too much good information to delete it.

    Sorry about the misunderstanding.

    Take care,


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