Credit to HiRiskRN and others :-)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dobegood, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. dobegood

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    I would like to give credit to HiRiskRN and many others in here. They truly show many how it is possible to fight the problems they endure daily and they have shown me (for one) how to give thanks for what I have and hope that they will eventually have all the good things in life.
    Which they deserve, indeed.

    I can't be specific but after reading many comments these last few days, I have learned a great deal.

    They are an inspiration!
  2. Grams

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    Honor the diversity of the people who post here and their opinions. :)
  3. joannie1

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    It saddens me to see people ask for advice and yet fly off the handle when it is given. One thing everyone must remember here is that we are all different people in different states and in different situations. No one is going to agree with one another all the time. Instead of being rude and heartless to one another there should always be respect given here. If one feels offended one should say so and not in a distructive way. People may write something and not give the complete situation. So, if that is so and a post is made instead of lashing out they should come back with a let me explain more... That is not the way it is type of post. I feel that there is a wealth of information on this board. And everyone must remember we are all battling this disease and have many many issues we deal with every single day of our lives. I think at times we all feel isolated, hopeless, and alone on this board but one must remember you feel that way in your everyday life also.
  4. dobegood

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    I could not agree with you more.
    As for asking for advice and blowing off the handle, I also agree with you both.
    I do understand many things in this world and I have come to understand that the person who wrote the initial message did not ask for advice, only support and understanding.
    I believe that was the intention.
    Unfortunately, it is always difficult to read what is written instead of reading what one think is written.

    I value opinions even if they are different from my own.
    I value advice even if I decide not to take it.
    I have learned in these past 2 years to avoid certain expressions and words. An example:

    "Yes, but" is something I never use anymore. It takes away everything the person before me has said before. I might as well say: "I don't agree with anything you say".

    I try my best to use positive re-inforcement instead of negative. There were a few things I should not have written as a response to "the offended one" and I will take that as a lesson to learn in future.

    Again, we all have problems and difficulties to deal with. As I wrote before, some of us are on the road of hardship, some has yet to go through it and some of us have passed it.

    As a writer once wrote: "It's not the end of the road that matters. It's the journey itself and the lessons to learn on the way there that is important".

    You are an inspiration to so many and no one can ever take THAT away from you.