creepy crawing sensation under skin

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by buttercakes, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. buttercakes

    buttercakes New Member

    Hello, has anyone other than me had the feeling of things crawling under their skin, along with small clear blisters.
    also it itches very bad. I had a large bite on the back of my thigh over the summer and became ill. Ive had 3 lyme tests, all came back neg. My doc treated me anyways with
    Doryx for 1 month. My symptons began to clear within 1 week.
    Now 6 weeks later it is coming back. Can anyone give me any info please. Im desperate for answers. anyone, please help.
    also, could anyone give me the phone# of ingenex labs, or web site. thanks a bunch, buttercakes
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  2. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    I notice that you are from Michigan. Please call Linda Purdy who is president of the Michigan Lyme Association. She can give you the name of a doctor who can help you.

    The sooner you get to see a doctor, the easier this will be to treat.

    Google Michigan lyme association to get the web site.

    Good luck!!!
  3. Katy47

    Katy47 New Member

    I can relate to the horrors of itching. I have it especially bad on the face with this flare-up. I don't have any blisters or rash, although my face changes from bright red to sickly pale very often.

    It goes very deep, below the skin as well as on the surface - even in my nose and ears. I find that dry brushing the skin very vigorously helps. Benadryl doesn't help. Only narcotics do, and I'm waiting on Lyme test results before starting antibiotics.

    Be strong!

  4. buttercakes

    buttercakes New Member

    Hello, Im sorry your going through the same thing Im going through, but at the same time happy I have found someone else who has the same problem I do. My doc. says Its all psycological. My skin also gets very red and itches to the point of making myself bleed. I have had three lyme test,
    all neg. along with flu symptoms since my bug bite back in august. I have requested a test kit from Igenex and spoke with Linda from Michigan Lyme Association, she gave me some really good info, and a LLMD referal. Please stay in touch with me and let me know how your doing and how your test results come out. Good luck, Sandie
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  5. buttercakes

    buttercakes New Member

    Hello,I live in Lapeer, about 20 mins east of Flint. Thank you both for your Info. I spoke to Linda from Michigan Lyme, she was very Helpful, and gave me some llmd
    referals. I should be recieving my kit from Igenex anyday
    now. This board has helped me so much, Thanks to all.
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  6. Duesouth

    Duesouth New Member

    I have the crawling sensation on my legs. The first time it happened, I thought a spider or something was crawling up my leg. I don't have blisters though. I also have an itch in the middle of my upper back that drives me up the wall. My wife was bitten by a tick back in the summer. She started having these clear blisters come up on her back. Her family doctor tested her for Lyme and the test came back negative. They suspected Lyme and put her on ten days of antibiotics. At the end of the ten days, they tested her again. It was also negative. I told her they didn't know what they were doing because you don't test for Lyme after being on antibiotics. When her blisters busted, they healed up and left scars. She has been diagnosed with Lupus, CFS and Charcot Marie Tooth disease. It seems every doctor will give a different diagnoses. It makes you feel better to have a name for your illness even if you actually have something else. It's better than having the doctor's think there is nothing wrong with you. Is it true that Lyme can be sexually transmitted?
  7. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    I'm so happy that you talked to Linda! She is very knowledgable about lyme and is very helpful. I also had several negative lyme tests before I had a positive. I'm sure Linda explained the importance of proper testing and interpretation to you.

    Good luck with your doctor whichever one you pick. And good luck with your testing!!!
  8. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    My dr thinks that lyme can be sexually transmitted. I guess its logical if syphillis can be why not lyme? They are both sprochettes.

    I'll bet your wife didn't get the proper tests done. Also the test hardly ever show positive so recently after being bitten. Have her symptoms started after her tick bite? Or did she have them before too?

  9. maggpie

    maggpie New Member

    yes i have the crawling and biting feelings, i believe im lyme positive also, i found some information,, its called morgellons,, many with lyme have it, its frightening me.
  10. maggpie

    maggpie New Member

    800 832 3200. i wil try n post their link too see if it works
  11. buttercakes

    buttercakes New Member

    I also thought I had bugs crawling on me to the point of flipping on the light in the middle of the night to see if anything was on my bed, to find nothing at all. Sometimes
    I dont feel anything for weeks at a time, then all of a sudden its back with vengeance. This whole thing has been very devastating,especially when the doctors think your nuts. I have not heard if Lyme is sexually transmitted or not.(i sure hope not) What does your doc say about your sensations? Good Luck, Sandie
  12. Katy47

    Katy47 New Member


    It sounds like you're on the right track in looking up a Lyme literate doctor. My CFS specialist won't prescribe antibiotics until and unless something bacterial or Lyme-ish turns up positive on my current blood tests. (@$#!) . . . I just know that's what I have. I'll become an online Lyme buster if I don't die from it first. The itching is really getting to me lately. I'm going to make an appt with a pain doctor for a higher level of pain control.

    Most people I've found with Lyme don't have this symptom to any great degree, but symptoms vary tremendously. Cysts are typical of Lyme in various tissues of the body but I'm not aware of any myself. I hope you're doing the dry brushing and maybe taking the 2 bottles peroxide/2 cups epsom salt baths. Im' going to try that one tonight.

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  13. tvance

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    My girlfriend had this and her doctor could not help her. Since she raises animals, she went to the vet. (I guess I should not be telling you this. I'm not sure it is legal to do this.) He gave her some worm medicine and it killed the parasites.

    We are spiritual beings and we do wear a warm blooded body. I guess the human body is also host for critters, worns, parasites and etc.

    She told me the crawling and itching was unbearable.

    Good luck,