Crime Against Lyme

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    Gang there are horrible things going on out there. In Texas not only LLNP being told to stop treating but now they are going after M.D's and shutting down their lyme practice. This is the upmost importance. The links will help you easily email your Senator/Congressman

    Date: November 5, 2006

    RE: Crime Against Lyme - Call to Action #2

    Please remember these are only beginning steps which lay a
    foundation for
    other activities which already are occurring or will occur. Keep
    the faith,
    the road is long, but we will prevail.

    Please reply to this e-mail or call Lia McCabe at (914) 474-xxxx if
    you have
    any time to help with these efforts.

    NEW PRIORITY: Contact all of your FEDERAL legislators

    * Phone/email your own US Congress person and your two US
    Senators by
    November 15 at their Washington, DC office only.

    * Groups should contact all Federal legislators within their
    range (area
    they cover).

    * US Reps. & Senators DC contact information
    http://www.visi. com/juan/ congress/

    * Tell them how Guidelines impact you/family/friends.

    Sample Blurb:

    "I am a CONSTITUENT and I am calling to impress upon the
    how the new Infectious Disease Society of America Lyme disease
    are detrimental to my family and OUR community.

    They are going to enable my insurance company to deny coverage for
    antibiotic treatment that has significantly improved my quality of
    life. I
    will not be able to afford to pay out of pocket for this medication
    and I am
    concerned my health will decline further.

    The previous IDSA guidelines created a situation that unjustly
    enabled state
    medical boards to investigate many Lyme literate doctors. This in
    caused many doctors to avoid and/or limit treatment for fear of
    These new more limiting guidelines will surely make this condition
    worse. I
    am afraid my family and I will no longer have doctors available to
    treat us.

    The health of our entire community is at risk. Research has proven
    diagnosis and treatment provide a better chance for complete
    These new guidelines state diagnosis is now by blood tests and/or an
    EM rash
    and no longer by clinical diagnosis. We all know these tests are
    and only 50% of people get the rash. This is going to create a
    that will delay treatment for thousands in our community and put
    them at
    risk of having chronic Lyme. This is going to put a financial
    strain on our
    community that we cannot afford.

    Please make sure the Senator/Congressman gets this message and
    the severity of this situation. Thank you for your time."

    New Priority: Save the date Thursday, November 30th

    There is a possible upcoming patient's rights rally in Southern New
    Please do what you can to make this day available. I will
    distribute more
    details as they become finalized.

    We must continue to get signers onto the petition. To show
    strength we
    need 50,000 signatures!

    http://www.lymedise aseassociation. org/referral/ Petitions/ Petition. php

    The petition now stands at about 11,000 signatures. We need many
    more since
    only numbers will show we have the clout necessary to turn this
    around and regain control of the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme
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    Thanks for posting this... hope everybody's doing it.

    I've signed as have my family and my *good* friends...

    now to call my congressmen who just got re-elected; hope they're feeling grateful!


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    The new nickname of the head Dr. of the IDSA is known as Dr. Death.......we must stop his blatant homicide of innocent children and adults.

    Who me upset!

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