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    Hey Cristine,

    I believe your appointment was yesterday with the Immunologist. How did it go? How are you feeling? lease update me on your progress when you have a chance. I really hope it went well for you.
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    the appointment was so long and intense. i had 14 vials of blood drawn and then a vaccine challenge test. in one month i get a test to measure the amount of antibodies i made to the vaccine and more testing.

    doctor said the testing takes awhile and it's best to break it up bc it's so much blood being taken.

    thanks for asking!

    how are you doing?

    i'm nervous-want to know if this is what i have o rnot. and now!!!! enough suffering already!! this will be one LONG month. he said "the testing is warranted" for my symptoms and i think he believes there's a storng possibility i have CVID/common variable immunodeficiency.
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    I would like to go to immunology I just wondered what they do? apart from take bloods I take it they discuss your
    illness and take it form there?
    did your reummy doc reffer you?
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    Glad to here he did such an extensive blood workup. That sounds like he is really trying to find out what is going on. Why it takes a month, I have absolutely no idea. That seems like a long time to me, but maybe he is looking into other things as well. Seems the doctor is being very thorough, and that is what you need right now.

    Did you like the doctor, does he understand CFS and ME? Did he say what he thought might be going on? And finally did he have any other suggestions in the interim? Since you have been suffering so long. It is also easy to put a label of CFS on anyone. It sound to me this guy is really looking into a lot of different possibilities.

    I believe you are in California. Hopefully things will go well with this guy. I have a feeling it will. But at any time if you need another name I think I have one of an Infectious Disease Doc in CA. But for now, I would definately stick with this guy. Really hope you feel better soon.

    As for me, have the second IVIG treatment this coming Friday. Last one as you know was a little rough, the dosage is being moved up to 20 from 10. MY body does not seem to handle medications are really strong preperations very well. I am also going to be consulting with a certified nutriitonist regarding dietary changes and some other options. Maybe she can help with my sleep and calming my immune system down. One step at a time. Talk to you soon.

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    An immunogist is completely different than a Rheumatologist. They look more at what is going on inside your immune system and if you suffer from a lot of infections that is who you should see.

    They are not easy to find, many are under allergy and Immunology. But a true Immunologist is usually called just that and not an allergy and immunologist.

    If you are getting a lot of infections, call around to some of the hospitals in your area, and ask if they know of an Immunologist, not an Allery/Immunologist. If you live in an area especially if there is a Teaching or University Hospital there should definately be an Immunologist there. If you have a PPO than you do not need a referal. If you have an HMO than you would need a referal from your Primary Care. Post another message if you have any more questions. Good luck!