Critical Action Needed by June 30, 2009 – Send the FDA Your Comments

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  1. mermaid01

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    Take Action Now I am sending you this so you can take a moment to help people who need pain meds, the government is working to take them away...that is my take on this anyway. Please take a moment to view this link.


    Critical Action Needed by June 30, 2009 – Send the FDA Your Comments

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may remove important pain medications from the market or could very likely limit access to certain pain medications that are currently legally prescribed to millions of Americans suffering from pain.

  2. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    I made my comments and submitted.
    I would encourage anyone and everyone to send this notice to any other sites they visit related to our DD and pain.

    Our voices may make a difference!
  3. simpsons

    simpsons Member

    if they don.t listen to the cfsac the scientists or the patients and advocates. then there would need to be an investigation as to why not with such vast amounts of evidence. Surly they would be negligent in their duties.

    john anderson speaks of abuse of human rights quite rightly so.

    In whatever way you can let them hear your voice its your right
  4. 3gs

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