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  1. curlycreek

    curlycreek New Member

    I made pork ribs in the crock pot using a dry rub 1st & 15 min. A side at 400 degrees in the oven before starting the cooker. OMG. Fabulous. My husband & I are sort of foodies and my lack of energy is a big kitchen drawback. Since I had such great luck with this does anyone have some good crock pot stories, blogs, web site, recipes to share? I also have a very good crock pot rice pudding recipe I'll post as soon as I can. It's great for a sweet tooth for those of us who haven't completely kicked the sugar habit.
  2. Beadlady

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    I have several sizes of crock pots, but I mostly use one that is called a slow cooker with a metal pot and a glass lid. It is about 8 inches long and about 4 inches wide which is generally perfect for the 2 of us.

    Yesterday I used 4 boneless pork chops, browned them, and sauteed a large onion, added 2 tbsp ground garlic and poured in 18 oz bottle of BBQ sauce with 1/2 cup A1 sauce and added a enough water to cover them. They cooked for about 2 1/2 hours and were very tender--served them on a bun. No exact recipe--it was a fast throw together thing.

    I would love to have your rice pudding recipe.

  3. Mikie

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    We have another board here called, Chit Chat, and there have been a lot of recipes shared over there. Chit Chat is kind of like a nice bunch of friends sitting around the kitchen with cups of coffee just chatting and sharing. I think you would like it and you can discuss pretty much anything, including swapping recipes. You might get more responses there.

    If you want to check it out, or any of our other boards, just click on Select A Board under the heading, Message Boards, and click on the one you want. You can get back here the same way.

    Love, Mikie
  4. curlycreek

    curlycreek New Member

    I have't tryed that feature yet. I'll have to suck it up & try something new. I use the search option & found some good tips. Thanks for the info.
  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Websites can be a bit intimidating but this one has so many wonderful features and members who are always willing to help.

    Love, Mikie
  6. RedStang

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    There is a site you can go to that has a new recipe everyday.. tons in the archives also! Its called I dont know who runs it but Ive used recipes off of it.. they use crockpots for breakfast, dinner, desert & lunches.. all kinds of recipes.. I love the site!
  7. SolSerenade

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    just the *thought* of a crock-pot brings some relief to this misery, so Thank You for that.! The lovely 70's orange and brown motif—I took possession of an old one recently: like new, low mileage. From where it came, I have to assume it works—have not had a chance to try it yet.

    the way things are going, it's probably gonna end up on a bedside table to re-heat food, warm my feet in, humidify the bedroom... perhaps catch fire in the night and give me sweet dreams.

    oh darn. I thought you said Tapioca. This changes everything! :)

    The ribs nevertheless sound wonderful. (how long and what temp in the crock?)

  8. jen_miester27

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    hi...i wasnt sure if you were on facebook or not...but they have a page on there called crockpot sisters....and have a bunch of good recipes on there, along with a message board. i know you have to have a facebook acct to read them though.
    just thought i would share

  9. Saoirse3

    Saoirse3 Member and you can find just about anything. Crock pots are great when you want a good meal, but your pain says "You have 15 minutes before I attack, starting 5 minutes ago!"

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