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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SherrieTeacup, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. SherrieTeacup

    SherrieTeacup New Member

    Can anyone tell me about this , My granddaughter age 14 was just told she has it. She has pain in her belly all the time and was just getting worse and worse. It took along time to find out what it was. No one new what was wrong with her she was at the hospital all the time in so much pain. They also think she has fibromyalgia Please tell me what are the meds you take for it. The symtomns and what ever you can . I looked it up but i would like a real person advice
  2. jenemc

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    I have crohns and i try to be careful of what i eat..tell her to start a diary or jouranl of what she eats and write down everythign she eats. it is a trial and error on food. what i can eat she might not be able to eat and vise versus after this she can start taking these things out that cause her the pain. I have diarrhea all the time ..about 30 minutes after i eat i am in the bathroom, has the dr put her on prednisone yet? have they confirmed she has crohns? where is the pain located at? check out the support groups for teens, and you also check out support groups and get involved. that always helps. i am so sorry she has this i would not wish this on my worst enemy. if you have any questions plz ask away.

  3. SherrieTeacup

    SherrieTeacup New Member

    her pains are in her lower stomach i don't know what meds she is on. They want her to eat more fiber
  4. saphire27

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    I was finally diagnosed 5 years ago.

    It hurt so bad! I was on asacol & predizone for along time.

    Now i am in remission doing very good, I usually eat whatever i want, but sometimes i still have the terrible pain if it doesn't agree with me. So still be careful, eat what they tell you,

    Also this is very important...
    they told me (at the time i was only 29) i HAVE TO GET A COLONSCOPY DONE EVERY 3 YEARs!!

    I hope she'll be in remission soon.
    best wishes

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