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    The doctor checked for mono, by feeling for lymph nodes on my body and gential area, and felt that my spleen was fine. So no mono is what she said. She then made me stand and she did press on i say 13 or 14 trigger spots on my body and let me just tell you it really really hurt..i cried. She then did blood work, for mono, lupus, lymes titers , hepatitis and 3 other tests. Do you think i should go to say the fibromylagia and fatigue center near me to actually figure out whats wrong? But thank you from the bottom of my heart for suggesting other possibilities!!

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    The quicker the better. You may want to get your tests back first.

    Look try this, I can't recall if I said. Run a hot bath and put in at least 2lbs of Epsom salts(they are like $2 a 4lb box from anywhere) and soak.
    I also think I want to know, to help more, have you had recent stress or injury? Sometimes this can trigger FM. Have you had a lot of insomnia lately?

    Next, make sure she uses proper Lyme lab for correct tests(see Lyme boards here) as most ordinary labs miss LYme disease and the sudden onset makes me think it MAY be LYme.

    She needs to be testing ANA for rheumatoid too, which she probably ordered. My glands were fine when I had the mono, as by the time the aches hit, the glandular part had passed.

    Also Thyroid, did she run thyroid labs?

    Try the soak, and if you like massage, that can help too. Also deep heat or aspercream or Tiger balm.

    Get back to me.
    LOve Anne

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