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    I just read your post and Bio.... I have an 18 yr old Autistic Grandson who is the love of my life... I know how difficult it can be to deal with this day in and day out.

    But I wanted you to know that there is always hope around the corner for these kids... I admire you and your courage to deal with this. I was 58 when he was born, and we have been through so much, but I would go through it all over again, just to see how much he has progressed.

    If I can help you in anyway please let me know... I know we can't put our email addresses on the board, but if you post to my attention I'll get back with you....

    God Bless you..... I have always said God gives these special "kids" to the parents who can do the most for them.

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    Thank you so very much! Yes these kids are special because they are a delight.

    There are a few others here with autistic kids, more than I would have imagined, and also a few who sound as if their kids are but as yet not dxd.

    Danny has come such a long way. From rocking with hands over ears and no speech till aged 5, screaming a lot, to a real chatterbox who never shuts up. Always well mannered with a big smile.

    The various things he used to cart around with him(as a must) until about a year ago have been:

    a shoe - this lasted about a year, the shoe went all over
    a cardboard box - this was a hard one as it was quite a large box
    a plastic soup ladle - this one lasted a long time, maybe 18 months
    a piece of string - about three years

    Now-nothing, just a big too heavy book bag-progress!

    When younger and silent and not looking at anyone, he would build huge precariously balanced towers in his room that were impossibly complicated. Seven shoes set edge on balanced upwards, on top of that several toys, then maybe a couple of Barneys, then a few books, then a tower of perfectly balanced dominoes on top of that. Sometimes these towers, that looked top heavy too, would be 3 or 4 feet high! He once built an arch out of pebbles with no supports. When I get to learn how to post pictures I will try and show a few of these.

    Lost all that skill now. He is doing so well and apart from a little oddness of prosody and pedantic speech, strict rules and a few little ticks, it is hard to tell him apart. Except for the social naievety that is the big one.

    He gets very cross at bad language kids use, even words like h..l and if kids misbehave etc.

    What a doll. So much joy he gets from the smallest of things.

    I can see why you love your grandson. Danny has a friend who is 18 and autistic, a big boy about 6ft2' and heavy - sweet kid.

    Love Anne

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