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    Hi Anne -

    I have been using Flexeril (Cyclobenzaprine)now for several months and I have found it HUGELY helpful in reducing the stiffness.

    I take 10 mg at bedtime always. If I am really stiff in the morning, I will take another one - my doc wrote the rx so I have the option. But it does make me sleepier.

    The three drugs that have my symptoms manageable are the Flexeril, Naproxen 500, and the Adderall. On the weekends, I won't necessarily use the Adderall like I have to during the week so I can work, but the fatigue comes back harder than ever - so no cure, just manageable.

    I think the one supplement that has helped is magnesium. I was really deficient - my diuretic will pump it right out.

    Madame Curie

  2. mme_curie68

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    Gosh, nice to hear from you. It seems from the board and what you say that Flexaril is a pretty good drug. As so may recall, "Marie", I am very med sensitive, so what dose is lowest, and can it be cut? I know you are great at this info. I had to go off both the valium and the elavil as despite the lowest of doses, it made me weird in the head, very edgy and nervous, during the day, almost panicked.

    I have been taking just asprin 81mg with Tylenol 1,000mg twice a day but I was thinking about Advil is that naproxen-no, gosh I am brain fogged today.

    My sleep has been a little better just by using only one pillow, isn't that mad? Since I wrenched my neck unknowingly, the spasms have been awful and also get into the back too. It is better than it was as I can move it thanks to great PT. I have tried several different magnesiums but theyt all seem to give me the runs. I drink a lot of tea which is probably robbing my body of magnesium though would you think? Or is it the other way round? Can you suggest anything for some energy as I work an hour feel as if I climbed a mountain.


    Love Anne Cromwell
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    Sorry for butting in! I just wanted to convey that I have had a lot of help from the Flexaril (generic).

    It works pretty quick too. It is a pill as opposed to capsule so I would think you could cut it fine. The pharmacist might be the one to ask for this info.

    Madame knows her stuff. I did not know about the magnesium until I found this board. It has DEFINIATLY made a difference. I was able to go from 3 Flexaril a day to just one most days. (Which was good because I won't drive on it).

    It does make your body relax. I have a bit of trouble with anxiety in crowded, noisy places and I take one to help if I know I am going to be in that situation. I have an RX for 3 per day but since I have taken the mag. I have not had a need for that many.

    A previous doctor gave my local injections in the spasm muscles in the neck and back. Those were very helpful for over six months but my new Rheumy doesn't give them. SHe gave me the Lidocaine patches to use locally.But it could be another option for you.

    Good luck,
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    Hi Anne -

    Flexeril is also available in a 5 mg strength.

    According to the prescribing info., the tablets are not scored and they are film coated to boot. Film coating can be very brittle sometimes and tablets may not cut well but it's an immediate release formulation, so cutting it wouldn't be a problem.

    The prescribing info. also recommends starting with 5 mg up to 3x/day and can be raised to 10 mg 3x/day.

    I find that it does make me a little sleepy if I have to take one in the morning in addition to my night time dose.

    The other drug that is really good for severe muscle spasms is Valium. When my DH was hospitalized last year, the docs had him on a combination of percocet and valium. When he was discharged they gave him Naproxen (Naprosyn) and the Flexeril.

    Do you have a chiropractor? I have also found that helpful for severe neck spasms.

    I hope you feel better.

    Madame Curie
  6. mme_curie68

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