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    Happy anniversary to you and your husband. May you have many more. Take care!
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    Thank you! We had a lovely day. We spent the morning and part afternoon at the lake as our son's summer school had beach day.

    Then I went with a client to visit a psychiatrist. That went well for my client. (I don't get paid I just do volunteer counseling these days so it is not stressful). Then I finally got my biopsy results in full which at first seemed a bit scary but after I did some back checking from a few years ago, I realised the panic was due to a mistake they were making,re sizes and growth rate, and I think all will be well-great news! Treatable for sure.

    Then this evening, we went to the Arts Quad at our lovely University where there was a free and very good Blue Grass concert. Good family evening, where everyone was laid back, dressed as casually as we do, and friendly.

    There is so much free stuff here, it is great-they even run free buses to these events. Also, living in Ivy League town means that I am not alone in being an "elderly" mom to a 12 year old, a lot of older parents here, which makes me feel good. Plus this community is progressive and superbly multiethnic and multicultural.

    Hope you got out a little today too and had a decent birthday.

    Love Anne Cromwell

    All in all, a REALLY good day