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  1. rockgor

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    Hi Anne

    How badly was Danny hurt? Of course I don't know the whole Gestahlt as we used to say in school (picture, configuration, may be spelled wrong) but I am wondering if you are going to do anything.

    I would try to prevent a future occurence by having an atty write the school pointing out this was a battery and a tort, threatening to sue the school, demanding the names of the parents, sending them a similar letter, etc.

    Maybe it would be totally inappropriate in your situation. I just am so tired of bullies getting away w/ stuff, on the playground or the world scene. Always troublemakers.

    Well, I know you will do what's best.
  2. spacee

    spacee Member

    I agree with Rock but I know you are of sound mind and will choose wisely....thinking of you and Danny.


  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I see you have bumped this for Anne today. Believe she
    was leaving this A.M. for Canadia to see Geoff.
    Most likely won't be hearing from her until at least
    Monday as it is a Columbus Day school holiday in the
    Umpire State! Just don't want ya hangin' round when you
    could be up with us on the Porch sippin' on those Mint

    Havin' a good one I hope!
  4. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    This is Anne. We just got back from Canada. I spent quite a bit of time with my brother. His condition was changing day to day. He is still in isolation so we had to gown up. He is really still extremely ill, with this illness now being caused by the aspiration of liquid into the lungs that set off the whole downward spiral so he ended up on life support.

    Just before we left today, we visited him and he clearly was doing better, was sitting up supported for the first time. He cannot speak but spoke volumes with his facial expressions to me and his eyes. I promised him I would travel back up on Wednesday or Thursday by bus and spend a few days with his wife and visit him during the day and he seemed brightened about that. He clearly wanted me there.

    However, we learned when we got home that he had maybe had a heart attack around 2.00pm as his pulse had gone up suddenly to 200 and his BP went to 103 over 48. They have stabalized him again, and I know there are many things that could have caused this, and it maybe was not necesarily an infarction. With him being hooked up to the monitor, I would have thought an infarction would have showed clearly, so they were saying it was a possibility rather than it was.
    So we are clinging onto that, as there is so much his poor body can take here.

    So we are now just beside ourselves again as we had felt quite positive coming home and threw pennies into the wishing well for him at Niagra Falls. It was just a gorgeous warm clear day and we felt lifted that he had seemed so bright and even waved his fingers "goodbye" something he had not done before, now I am hoping he wasn't actually saying goodbye but au revoir.

    Rock thanks for your concerns and Wake and others too. The thing that ticks me off about the business with the "prank" and Danny is I emailed and left messages with the mother(I believe she is a professor) and she has not even bothered to return them. The kid in question is actually not a bad kid, and he probably will never think that is funny again.

    Well, of course now I am having all sorts of chest pains and anxiety. Oh one nice thing is that Danny and his cousins wre able to reunite after many years, and Danny and his 11 year old cousin bonded really well immediately and just loved one another, even slept together! He has a touch of Aspergers too so no wonder!

    Well, I am going to try and rest. I felt better today than I have felt in ages-mayabe because I did not type all weekend! Now I feel not so good again.

    Love you all,


  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I don't think Rocky would mind my seeking you out here.
    Very surprized for some reason to hear you back today!
    That is probably wise but ddn't think we would hear
    from you until maybe Tuesday.

    So glad that the visit and the trip went well! From your
    message here, it sounds as though it is a touch and go
    situation but sounds more encouraging than not! I'm
    sure it meant so much to Geoff and your SIL for you to
    visit! I will continue to keep he and the Family in my
    thoughts in a most positive way.

    I suppose Danny will be fine if you Tavel back up on the
    "Back of the Dog". I take it to see my "Old Squeeze"
    if I must. Not that bad if one is not in a big hurry!
    Think if I go North at Thanksgiving to see my Daughter
    and Fredericka in Oregon, I'll fly. It's about a 13 hr.
    trip on the "Hound". Can't handle that kind of thing
    anymore! Don't want to be exhausted when I meet Freddie
    for the First Time, maybe(?)

    Carla-NL has my "real name" and e-mail address that later
    when you have time after you return from your trip access
    that fromher on the Chat Room. We will set it up. Only use
    it if ya feel comfortable doing so, OK?

    Glad you are home safe and sound.
    Big hug to you and Danny. Great for him to see his cousin

  6. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i am glad things are looking hopefully more promising...

    we will all be thinking good thoughts for him and your family...


  7. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    It is rough going through these times. But eventuallu we all have to. Yet knowing that does not help a whole lot at the time.

    All I can do is send you gentle hugs and Blessings......

    Love, Susan
  8. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Thanks for the note. mrdad yes we will do that next week then we can chat more.

    I actually last night turned the phone sound off as I just could not deal with much.

    Anyway, my niece had called about 11.30pm to say that it was not actually a heart attack, which I had doubted, but inflamation of the pancreas due to stone and a resulting return of the lung infection.

    They had found small gallstones (very small) on an xray so maybe one had gotten lodged, or maybe the problem has been the pancreas all along, as this would explain his stomach swelling and pain and would also account for the aspiration into his lungs and blood clots. He is so terribly weak and ill but what a trouper, he is so brave and a hero really.

    I am waiting top hear this morning's report. I do so hope they can stabalize this and he can recover, as after six weeks of this hell it has to be for something. I am also upset as the woman who hit him has "suddenly" decided she thought the light was on green-this after immediately saying at the scene that she completely ignored the light, it was all her fault. We had forgiven her as she was owning responsibility, but this new turn sickens me, along with the cops changing their charge to a mere "failing to stop at a red light"- something smells in the kingdom to be sure. How can she live with that lie? Everyone makes istakes, but to lie this way. I am a person who can tolerate a great deal, but I abhor deceit.

    The "hound" takes about 6 or seven hours going but 9 or so returning, probably due to all the border hold ups coming back into the USA. When we went over going, we sailed right by but there was a 3 plus mile queue of traffic to get into the States, this was about 2.00pm Friday.

    Dan is so smart as we actually managed to drive home using back roads in Canada instead of using the QE parkway. So it was a pleasant drive and only 12 miles more! We like to drive slower too. We did not pick up I90 until way past Buffalo either, and only went on then(yesterday) as there was very little traffic, we could have stayed on 77 most of the way. We once travelled from West to East coast using mainly non thruways and found we actually made better time!!!

    Kitties were glad to see us, although the cat sitter is wonderful they liked to see their real mom!

    Well I will post on the Porch later on, but wanted to keep sadfder OT's off there.

    Oh the message machine was full due to Danny's little friend making lots of phone calls and jamming it, so we have no idea if he won the office or not, as they would not have been able to leave a message.

    Love Anne
  9. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I'm so glad you are home but must be exhausted! After
    I saw you on Rocky's sight, I decided not to mention any-
    thing anywhere else as I knew People would understandably
    what to contact you with support questions of concern.
    I'm sure Anne, that your having been there is going to
    be a most positive boost to Geoff's fortitude and morale!

    Good 4 Dan! Glad he was able to get everyone back with-
    out the delays all others seemed to be encountering. Wow,
    can't believe that the hyway security results in such de-
    lays! However, I did see a National news cast on a Brid-
    ge in Buffalo and the delays there a couple of years ago
    so maybe that's where you trans the border!

    What does it cost to fly round trip to where your Bro.
    lives? Saw a round trip on the Web from Oakland to
    Portland, round-trip for $180.00. It's 13 hours on the
    "Back of the Dog" and even to rent a car and gas,insur.
    and physical and phsyc. wear-tear seems pretty inexpen-
    sive to me! I would arrive "less" fatigue and have
    enough energy to enjoy my visit with my Daughter and
    "quality time" wiff Fredericka!! ( Won't get to see her
    until after she gets back from that Paris photo shoot)
    Backdrop for the shoot is the Idle Tower and the Louver!
    She's as beautiful as Paris or (S.F.) itself!

    Let us know about the election as soon as you hear! So
    proud of Danny! You two are quite the team! Again, I'm
    so happy he had a good visit with his Cousin and they hit
    it off so well.

    Will "talk" later,"K"?

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  10. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i have had my gall bladder removed...

    it took tens years for them to detect that..they didn't have ultrasound when i was 19 years old....

    what a relief it was when they removed that and my spleen...

    you talk about pain...

    and then i had darn military dr's or assistants being perverts...i didn't know any better at the time...but i should've reported it..but it is hard to fight the bethesda maryland hospital..that is where they normally take all the presidents to..

    they had me get on all fours on a gurney and i asked why they said they need to to check for bleeding...well i said i don't have blood in my stool and the pain is up here...not down there...

    i know they were trying to get a free peep at my nice little body..that was back when i was like 22 and doing swim suit modeling...arses...

    well i hope dan gets g.b taken care of ...he will feel so much better...he may need to run to the toilet the first couple of months quickly...everythime i ate something i had to run for the bathroom....


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