Cross your fingers - got a name of a new rheumy

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    I got the name from my podiatrist. He's been seeing me for weeks now for tendonitis in my foot. He completely understands that with my FM I'm more sinsative to pain and that I'll heal more slowly. He's always been a doctor I can talk to and he will always take all the time needed to explain everything to you. As he was wrapping my ankle again we were talking and I told him how I'd gotten such great pain relief from the acupuncture treatment my chiropractor gave me.

    He didn't roll his eyes or pat me on the head like I was a feable minded idiot. He said he was glad that I was open to alternative therapies. Well that really about knocked me off the table! He said with his eastern background he has always wished the medical field would be more open minded. He told me he's not even allowed to recommend such things to his patients. If they bring it up - then he can discuss it, but he's not supposed to make recommendations. (WOW I find that sooooo sick!!)

    Anyway, we had a great conversation about herbs, vitamins, meditation, etc. And all I could keep thinking was - "gosh I wish he could treat me for my FM."

    I was out at the front desk making another appointment and he came out to tell me something else. It was then that the light bulb went off - "Ask him if he could recommend someone." I did and he said he was so glad I asked - He had wanted to mention this doctor but since I hadn't asked for a referral he could make the suggestion.

    He said the doctor he recommends is very open minded and will be willing to listen to my ideas about my care!! I called the doctor's office the next day and got an appointment for August 28. The woman who I talked to was WONDERFUL. I was having a terrible "fog" day and the words wouldn't come out right (if even at all). I apologized for being so out of it and she just gave a little laugh and said "No problem, take your time."

    When I first started working for a chiropractor YEARS ago, he said you could tell how good and successful a doctor was by the way the person answered his phone and I've really found that to be true. If the person answering the phone wont listen to you, chances are the doctor wont either. Now days it's even hard to find a doctor who has a real person answer the phone.

    So now I'm feeling hopeful again. When my wonderful rheumy decided to give up her practice due to back pain, I cried. I'd been so lucky to have stumbled on her (that's another long story) and had my FM diagnosed so early (less than 6 months from my first really bad symtoms). Can I be as lucky a second time? Pray it's true.

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    glad to hear the good news
    i have the best rheumatologist, but he is in Indiana and I moved to Arizona 6 months ago. It is very hard finding a dr here.
    When I went back for a visit in June, I went to my rheum in Indiana.
    If I don't find a good rheum-I will just fly back to Indiana and see him.
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    This new doctor is about 30+ miles from me but I don't care. I hope I'm not building him up to be everything I need and then be disappointed.