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    Has anyone had this blood test? (I think it is a blood test for inflammation in your body). I picked up a book on inflammation in our bodies and eating right, etc. When I saw my rheumatologist 1-1/2 years ago and was diagnosed, he drew the CRP blood test. Mine was over 7 at that time. In the book that I picked up I think it said that if this test is 1.50-3.79 you are 2-1/2 times more likely to be at risk, 3.80-7.30 you are 3-1/2 times more likely to be at risk, and 7.31 and higher you are 5-1/2 times more likely to be at risk.

    I think it is probably almost a given that since they think/say fibromyalgia causes inflammation in the body that this test will be higher for those of us with fibromyalgia. I also have interstitial cystitis which they say is inflammation in the bladder not caused by bacteria. I just found this very scary that I am at 5-1/2 times the risk for heart attack and cancers, etc.

    Currently I am working with my chiropractor who treats fibromyalgia with diet, exercise, supplements, and exercise. The diet is basically lean meats, fruits, and vegetables or the paleo diet, which is suppose to have you eating mostly noninflammatory foods. Some suggested supplements are ginger, turmeric, fish oil, co q 10, a multivitamin, and magnesium. I have done it for a week and not really any difference yet in how I feel. The chiro is saying give it a month and that he has other patients with fibromyalgia that he has treated successfully this way. I am trying to stay optimistic.

    I cannot wait to try and eat this way for a few months and then have another CRP level drawn to see if it comes down (I am sure hoping so, so I can reduce that risk of 5-1/2 times down somewhat).
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    Thanks for the bump Prickles. I read and listened to your documentary. It is a great explanation of what fibromyalgia is and what we are going through. Thank you for all the work you must have put into that!
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    My CRP is 25 yes 25 which is high the lowest its been is 15 and I have heard this is a silent killer. My doc doesn't seem concerned nor do the 2 different rheumy's I have seem. Shows you what kind of doctors I have.

    The docs think its just the CFS and FM but I think I have some type of infection in my body. I think I shoud have futher testing.

    I hope the diet works for you. all I know to do is take aspirin which the doc did say was the best anti-inflammatory you could take. I am taking magnesium, vit. C , multivitamin, vit.D3 , fish oil thru flax seed, don't do much exercise but try to eat half way healthy but this hasn't made a difference.

    Please keep up posted, sure hope it works for you.. I would love to seem my inflammation go way down.

    God Bless,

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